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Respirator Filters & Cartridges

The importance of respiratory health should never be underestimated, and with a variety of respirators, masks and cartridges available, there is no excuse for not protecting it as fully as possible. The different filters effectively protect against various types of noxious fumes and dangerous particles that might be encountered in a workplace.

Health and safety assessments of the respiratory risks in your workplace will determine which filters and masks are most suitable. The correct filters are essential for ensuring that your employees do not suffer respiratory damage due to their working environment.

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Respirator Filters & Cartridges Guide

There are two types of pollutants in the air: gases and particulates. If the contaminant in your working areas is fumes from a type of gas, you will need a specific filter for this. However, there are filters that can handle both types of pollutants, so that a combination filter could be appropriate. All filters are compliant with the relevant health and safety laws, and all are made by leading names in the industry, giving you peace of mind of knowing that you are using products that are of the best quality.

Respirator filters include the Honeywell Standard RD40 Respirator Filters. These come in a range of different levels of filtration, so you can choose a filter that can deal with the specific pollutants in each working environment. Combination canisters are popular, but there are also filters that can handle hydrogen chloride or ammonia. This range offers reusable canisters that are good value for money; they are created from fine-quality charcoal, giving better-than-average filtration. The design ensures that vision is not impaired when they are used, and this type of filter can be stored for up to six months. It is a recommended filter for use in industries such as construction, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical. These filters can be used with a number of the Honeywell Respirator Masks.

Simple dust masks are a great benefit in any workplace. Even moving something that has been sitting in one place for a while can throw up a lot of dust into the air, and this can be damaging to the lungs. A basic dust mask will help to protect from respiratory damage, particularly if you choose one that has been designed carefully. The Honeywell Comfort Series 5000 Dust Masks FFP1 have straps that are strong and secure, so they will remain in place while you are working. The category FFP1 is ideal for low dust levels, so it can deal with dust produced during drilling, cutting or sanding. This form of respiratory protection is very light and is free of materials such as silicone and latex. Sold in multipacks, they are ideal for busy working manufacturing environments.

Many of the filters and masks are very easy to use. For example, the 3M Twin Lightweight Filters are designed to clip easily into place. Again, there are a variety of filtration options, and the surface area ensures the best possible filtration with little breathing resistance.

Choosing the right filters and breathing apparatus ensures that staff and visitors will have the best possible protection from airborne pollutants when in parts of the workplace that have a higher-than-usual risk. Complying with health and safety regulations is easy when you have the right PPE in place.