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Floor Level Braille Signs

Legislation dictates that business owners install special signs that enable visually-impaired individuals to navigate around the building with ease. This is true not only for the visitors your organisation may receive, but also for any staff members with impaired sight.

Floor-Level Braille Signs are designed to be displayed on lift entrances and stairs because they will help visually-impaired individuals to navigate the building independently and to always know what floor they're on. By installing them, you're making life easier for those with sight loss.

Signs are made from rigid plastic for durability – see our handy material guide to signs for more information.

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Floor Level Signs with Braille: Buying Guide

These signs work by having a very strong contrast between the background and foreground colours, making them very easy for someone to spot. Since visually-impaired people rely on the sense of touch to read them, they also incorporate Braille so they are easy to read and understand.

By acquiring and installing these signs, you are helping to fight the battle against discrimination. It is felt that many business owners are still not doing their best to help those on site with disabilities. It may be because it takes time, money and effort; but probably more than likely down to lack of information on what they are required to do. But as a responsible business owner you should do your best to ensure that everyone is on an equal footing, and that anyone who works within your business is comfortable in the working environment you provide.

There are various other Braille signs that perfectly complement these floor level Braille signs. For example, the information Braille signs mean visually-impaired people are notified of general information and no building frequented by visually-impaired people should be without Braille fire exit signs since locating the nearest emergency exit when disaster strikes is crucial.

In an ideal world, all buildings would utilise some form of Braille signage to make everyday life easier for those with sight loss. For example workplaces, government buildings, shopping centres; in fact anywhere where there is more than one level to a building. Just by helping visually-impaired people always know what floor they're on, they're automatically going to become more confident and more satisfied with the whole experience of being on your premises.

Information Braille signs should be used in conjunction with floor level signs. For example, a stairs sign next to a door lets the user know that they are entering a stairwell.

Our floor-level Braille signs covers floors 1-10, using Braille and tactile raised numbers to inform visually-impaired employees, as well as other visually-impaired people with access to your premises, what floor they are on.

These signs are ideal for use on landings, in stairwells and at lift entrances/exits. They should be positioned so that the Braille element can be easily reached.

What is Braille?

Braille is a series of raised dots that allow blind or partially-sighted people to read. The six dots that make up Braille translate into letters of the alphabet, numbers, symbols and common words.

Fully Compliant Braille Floor Signs

We're confident that our selection of floor-level Braille signs will suit your needs. What’s more, all our Braille signs are not only of the finest quality, but are also fully compliant with the directives of the Equality Act 2010 (formerly the Disability Discrimination Act 1995).

By choosing us as your provider or Braille and tactile signs you will always know that you are doing your best for blind or partially-sighted employees, customers and visitors to your premises, whilst being fully compliant with current legislation.