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Winter Kits

Health and safety in the workplace should always be at the forefront of a business operator’s mind, but even more so during the winter. Bad weather and unexpected plummets in temperature can cause treacherous conditions and increase the likelihood of accidents occurring on-site.

Here at Seton, we stock an array of top quality winter safety kits that provide everything you need to tackle a particular aspect of dealing with hazardous weather conditions, such as snowfall, torrential rain and ice. Kits featuring winter signs, de-icing salt, grit bins and other useful items will keep your employees, visitors and members of the public safe. Our winter safety kits buying guide offers more information on which kits will be appropriate for you and what other equipment you might require.

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Winter Safety Kits: Buying Guide

Winter comes hand-in-hand with notoriously bad weather and dangerous conditions thanks to the ice, snow and frost that forms as temperatures drops. Whether on the road or as a pedestrian simply being outdoors becomes somewhat risky during the colder months, with the chance of slips, trips and falls in the workplace increasing. However, having the appropriate supplies and equipment such as de-icing salt on hand to deal with and prevent any emergencies can definitely help your business deal with winter more easily.

As market leaders in health & safety equipment, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality, most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our selection of winter safety kits cover all bases; with a plethora of useful products to get you through the cold season.

What Kind Of Cold Weather Kits Should I Consider?

For clearing snow and ice from your outside spaces we have a wide selection of kits that include everything from bulk buy de-icing salt and hand-held spreaders to large-scale grit bins complete with shovel and ice melt. There is no quicker way to ensure you have everything you need to maintain access to your property.

Bad weather can often mean that usual routes need to be avoided for safety reasons. We have several kits that help with wayfinding, including both indoor and outdoor signs and safety barriers.

Finally, our vehicle kits provide everything you need for emergencies when out and about and should be supplied to all field workers.

Regardless of what you need or how much of it, here at Seton we’ll have the correct kit for you.

Other Useful Winter Equipment

A few additional supplies you might want to consider for your workplace this winter are:

  • Winter safety signage – clear, visible signage warning those on-site of dangers such as hazardous conditions underfoot or wet flooring can prevent accidents and safeguard the health of your visitors and employees.

  • Hi-vis clothing ensures motorists and those operating equipment can see you. Dark or foggy winter evenings can seriously restrict visibility.

  • Safety footwear helps prevent slips and trips, by providing the wearer with a firmer grip on the ground.

  • Ice, snow and flood control equipment – if the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse or there is flash flooding in your area, flood control equipment can prevent water from entering your premises.

Our selection of kits has been specially curated to ensure you have everything you need this winter. However, if you would like to create your own bespoke winter kit suited to the exact requirements of your business, contact us via Live Chat to discuss the options available.