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Security Equipment

Need help? Need help? How can you keep your business secure? Tough User-Rated Security Equipment You Can Trust

Security Equipment is important for businesses, not only to keep their sensitive information safe, but also to ensure that they comply with health and safety standards. One way of ensuring that safety procedures are followed on-site is to ensure that only those individuals who are allowed to use special equipment have access to it. Beyond that, keeping sensitive or dangerous materials locked up improves safety and security. Premises also need protection when only a limited number of personnel are on-site. Installing locks, padlocks and CCTV cameras and equipment will discourage people from entering the premises and provide more peace of mind.

For more information see our buying guide and FAQs section.

A Varied Range of Security Deterrents

Personal Equipment

The simplest things can often be the most effective, we have a range of equipment that you can outfit security officers as well as general employees with to ensure that they will be prepared in the event of a security emergency.
  • Personal alarms such as the Godfather Torch Personal Alarm are ideal for situations in which someone has to work in an isolated area, they are designed to shock and surprise an attacker, giving the victim valuable time to get away.

  • Torches are a staple for security personnel and having a powerful hand held unit at your disposal such as the SL180 Rechargeable Torch serves as a perfect deterrent for would be intruders

Video Surveillance

One of the most effective security measures available, even if the camera in question is a highly realistic dummy version, their mere presence has been proven time and again to lessen break in incidents and anti social behaviour.
  • CCTV systems that we provide are perfect to be strategically placed in your premises to catch any burglary attempt or unethical employee behaviour.

  • Dummy Cameras serve as a fantastic alternative to expensive CCTV systems; they are ultra-realistic and are often all that is necessary to deter wrong doing.

Securing the Premises

Something that all companies should be doing on a daily basis as part of the operation of the building in which they reside. We offer many different ways in which to make this process not only easier but much more effective.

  • Padlocks are often a good starting point to any security system you wish to implement, and investing in these should be your first priority when thinking about keeping important or personal equipment locked away from prying hands.

  • Chains are a good accompaniment to padlocks and send a clear and obvious message to anyone that sees them, they the door or cabinet that they have been used to lock is not to be opened except by those with authorisation.

  • Key Cabinets are an advantageous addition for any business that has many employees with personal lockers or that have to gain access to areas that are usually off limits due to maintenance or security concerns, all keys can be colour coded and stored neatly to provide a fool proof access system for your workplace.

Security Equipment, in Focus

CCTV Cameras and Alarms are an investment for many businesses. It may seem expensive, but a well-designed, professionally installed security system can be a good investment. CCTV systems begin proving themselves as an investment from the moment they are installed. CCTV cameras can provide a full view of the premises and offer real-time recording and remote online access for owners and managers. This lowers the risk and helps to prevent incidents such as burglaries, fires and vandalism. Criminals often target premises that are left empty or with only a few personnel on-site. The mere presence of CCTV cameras reduces the likelihood of break-ins, as criminals will look for an easier target. CCTV cameras can also provide 100 per cent coverage of a premises, including areas that are hard to reach. Security guards can be busy attending to something else and so may not have eyes on every area of the grounds, but a CCTV system covers everywhere at all times.

A security system can be quite simple and still be effective but you may want something that can provide you with a more comprehensive set of options. The Seven-Inch Home Video Surveillance Set Touch & App is a complete security system for homes or businesses. This surveillance kit consists of an IR wireless outdoor camera, a docking station and a seven-inch colour monitor. The camera has an infrared night vision function, adding an extra dimension of security. The colour monitor uses touch screen technology and has an integrated speaker. Although the system is only supplied with a single camera, it is easy to upgrade with to up to four cameras. The system can record information onto an SD card, and the app permits you to view the camera feed remotely. For extra security, the audio and image data are encrypted before being transmitted.

Personal alarms can be provided to staff to improve safety. Man-Down Alarms are ideal for using on building sites, warehouses or anywhere individuals have to work alone or remotely. The alarm is designed to activate within four minutes of the individual being immobile and sounds a loud alarm one minute later to alert other workers nearby that something is wrong. These alarms are compact and lightweight and can be easily clipped to a belt for hands-free use. Personal alarms are useful for security staff and any employees who have to work alone or remotely.

Some businesses, especially those just starting out, do not have the funds for extensive CCTV systems, but there are cheaper yet still effective options. The Internal Decoy Dome Camera will deter thieves but is not expensive to purchase or install. The decoy camera features intelligent motion detection so that as soon as any movement is detected, the LED on the dome begins to flash. This tricks any would-be thief into believing that the device is recording. The camera is only suitable for indoor use, and it comes with a template for mounting along with all the fixings required. When choosing a decoy system, it is important that the system look as realistic as possible so that thieves and vandals will be deterred.


We need to improve security on our site but our budget is limited. What are our options?

A: An Internal Decoy Camera is inexpensive, but it will still deter thieves and vandals.

I want to be able to monitor my site remotely. Is there a CCTV system that offers such a facility?

A: CCTV camera systems offer apps such as the video surveillance set touch app. This will enable you to view the site remotely.

Some of our workers have to work on parts of the site where they are alone. How can we ensure their safety?

A: Man-Down Alarms are useful for remote or lone workers as these emit a loud alarm when activated warning other workers of a problem.

We have to keep contracts and other documents on our site. We need to protect the documents both from thieves and fire what do you suggest?

A: Fire-Resistant Security Safes will protect your valuables from theft and fire.