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Ear Muffs

Need help? Need help? How to choose the correct ear muffs? Ear defenders are used by workers all over the world to protect their hearing from damaging noises. We stock a huge selection of ear muffs, making it easier for you to find exactly what you need to keep your employees safe. Take a look at what’s available in our range and factors to consider when choosing these products.

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Choosing Ear Muffs

With loud noises presenting a risk of serious long-term damage to hearing, it is vital you provide proper ear protection to keep your employees safe in noisy working environments. Our selection of ear muffs include products suitable for a wide range of different scenarios.

You will find ear muffs designed for indoor and outdoor use, ear muffs designed to block various levels of noise and ear muffs with and without built-in communications options. With ear muff cleaning kits on the same page, it should be easy to find what you need to suit your requirements.

Ear muffs are essential for ensuring employees are properly protected in noisy environments. There are many different types available, including those tailored for specific tasks such as welding, but otherwise how can you find the appropriate ones for your particular situation? There are several factors you will need to consider.

Risk Exposure

Firstly, you will need to know the level of noise your employees risk being exposed to. Ear muffs are designed to provide various levels of protection. Some simply filter out annoying noise to make it easier to concentrate on the job, while others can block out the sound of a tower block being demolished. If your employees are dealing with a lot of noise and you do not provide a high enough level of protection, they could still be at risk of injury.

Ear muffs designed to block out high levels of noise are also useful for employees doing mission-critical work who simply cannot afford to be distracted. Some employers purchase them for workers who are on the autism spectrum and find it difficult to filter out day to day background chatter, making it easier for them to focus and thereby improving their productivity.


One difficulty in providing efficient ear protection is that sometimes employees may need to hear other people talking to them. Some of the ear muffs we sell have built-in speakers so the wearer can hear voices at a normal volume while still being protected from other noise. This makes it a lot easier to manage situations in which ongoing communication is needed and employees cannot rely on instructions provided ahead of time. In some situations, this can considerably enhance safety.

Another safety consideration you will need to consider when choosing ear muffs is how well they can be combined with any head protection your employees will need to use. The two will have to fit properly together to provide full protection, and they will have to be comfortable as well if they are going to be worn over long periods without causing distraction.

Like any other piece of personal protection equipment, ear muffs vary in their resistance to things like water and dust, so you will need to choose the right ones for the conditions your employees are likely to be faced with, and you will need to consider how they can be maintained in good condition. The ear muff cleaning kits we offer can be used regularly to reduce the risk of dirt getting ground in or mildly corrosive substances doing long-term damage. They also reduce the risk of ear infections.

Finally, since we know that storage is a major consideration for many employers, we stock a variety of folding headphones which are easy to keep safe and out of the way when not in use.

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