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Biohazard & Laboratory Spill Kits & Refills

Need help? Need help? How many biohazard clean-up kits do I need? Fast Acting Easy-to-Use Body Fluid and Blood Spill Kits

All spills in the workplace need to be quickly and safely cleaned, but biohazard and laboratory spills require specific care and specialised products. Our full range of biohazard spill kits for blood and other dangerous substances is packed with equipment and sorbent materials that are designed specifically to eradicate biohazards and contaminations

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Biohazard & Laboratory Spill Kits & Refills Buying Guide

Cleaning biohazard and chemical spills and then properly disposing of the used sorbents and waste is incredibly important for health, and it is also your responsibility as an employer. We have a full selection of comprehensive biohazard and chemical spill kits that are packed with fast-acting sorbents, PPE and neutralisers. When selecting spill control materials for your worksite, hospital or laboratory, invest in a biohazard spill kit so that you can ensure that you have all needed materials in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the law say?

The HSE has a series of regulations and guidelines on how to properly assess spill risk, mitigate the risks, create an emergency spill response plan, and train employees and staff on how to react during a spill emergency. The HSE also has additional guidelines and responsibilities for employers listed in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) guidelines.

If it is possible that there could be a spill involving bodily fluids or blood, it is also important to review the HSE’s suggested methods of decontamination in order to safely clean and decontaminate the premises after a bodily fluid spill.

These guidelines explain how to clean up blood and elaborate on biohazard cleaning methods, including physical cleaning, ultrasonication, disinfection, antisepsis, sterilisation, disinfection and sterilisation using heat, autoclaving, thermal washer disinfection, dry heat and chemical disinfection. Proper decontamination after a biohazard spill is especially important for any spills involving blood due to the number of blood-borne infections that exist.

When it comes to proper waste disposal, it is important to review the Waste Duty of Care regulations and ensure that you are disposing of waste using an approved, safe method.

What are the contents of a body fluid spill kit or laboratory spill kit?

The contents of a body fluid clean up kit or laboratory kit vary as each have specific needs. However, all of our kits contain a number of essential materials, including:

  • Neutralisers – laboratories handling hazardous chemicals will need a specialty spill kit such as our SpilChoice Acid Spill Kit or SpilChoice Mercury Spill Kit, which contain acid and chemical-specific neutralisers. We have a full range of such neutralisers, including acid, mercury, FNC and alkali neutralisers. These neutralisers are fast acting and they change colour to indicate when neutralisation is complete.

  • PPE – our laboratory spill kits contain basic PPE, including gloves, facemasks and safety goggles. PPE is essential in a body spillage kit or medical spill kit as biohazards can be highly dangerous. Laboratories, medical centres and worksites where there is a possibility of bodily fluid spills or chemical spills should also have full, comprehensive PPE on hand.

  • Pads – a biohazard spill kit such as our SpilChoice Formaldehyde Spill Kit contain fast-acting sorbent pads for absorbing liquids.

  • Dustpan and brush – kits such as the SpilChoice Caustic Spill Kit contain a dustpan and brush so that used sorbents can be safely and effortlessly swept up and then disposed of.

  • Disposal bag – the full range of Seton biohazard and lab spill kits contains disposal bags so that the used sorbents and materials can be properly and safely disposed of after use.

What additional materials are needed?

In addition to a laboratory spill kit or hospital spill kit, you may need additional materials to keep your worksite or health centre safe. For convenient and safe disposal of hazardous waste, we have 127 Litre Hazardous Waste Bags that are made of durable 500g polyethylene and meet the government’s Duty of Care Regulations.

We also have Spill Safety Stations that help you and your team to quickly and effectively respond to spills. These brightly coloured stations can be easily installed into a wall and allow for employees to access all spill response materials in one place, see when sorbent stock is running low, and refer to the emergency spill response instructions listed on the stations themselves.

For worksites that may require a more mobile option, we also have the Spill Sign Caddy, which contains a 5 litre pound of Spill-Aid powder, brush and dustpan, waste bag and bag tie. This caddy can also be customised with a company name, and the caddy itself can be conveniently used as a warning sign to keep others away from the spill.