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Mandatory Signs

Need help? Need help? Why are these types of signs needed? UK Compliant Mandatory Signs from the Signage Experts

Sometimes an instruction needs to be put across clearly and, when that’s the case, our mandatory signs are sure to help. These signs help workers, customers and members of the public instantly understand what action is required of them, using simple verbal commands and easily-recognisable pictograms to communicate messages.

We have many mandatory signs to choose from that will keep everyone on your premises fully informed of what they are required to do. With various sizes available, all you’ll need to do is find a prominent area to display them and choose the appropriate sign fixings, which can be used to attach them to a variety of surfaces.

For more information, take a look at our FAQs and our buying guide.

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Mandatory Signs in the Workplace: Buying Guide

The Necessity of Displaying Mandatory Signage

All places of work and public access will have rules that need to be followed to ensure the smooth running of the operation. In situations where it is expected, workers and visitors should perform certain tasks or follow certain procedures, it can be helpful to have clear signage in place that will remind them of this expectation.

This is where mandatory signs come in, removing the need for the constant face-to-face instruction and ensuring no one can claim they were unaware of what was expected of them at any time.

Mandatory Signs are safety signs that inform staff and visitors to your premises or site, what is expected of them in any given situation and usually contain compulsory instructions that prescribe behaviour. They make it clear that these are the rules people are expected to follow and help to reinforce policy in areas such as health and safety and security.

These types of signs usually have a contrasting background and text, combined with universally recognisable pictograms to communicate the message they are trying to convey. Many of our mandatory signs incorporate a large exclamation mark, which instantly draws attention and transmits the message that those viewing the sign should stop and follow the instructions it issues before they continue. For areas where traffic management is required we offer Traffic & Car Park Signs that can be used in conjunction with our mandatory signs and range of Barriers & Access Management for a complete informational safety solution at your workplace car park.

Mandatory signs make it crystal clear to workers, visitors, and members of the public what actions are required or ‘mandatory’ while on your premises and can be used to help ensure compliance with relevant health and safety legislation.

Placement of Compulsory Safety Signs

Mandatory signs can be used in any area where there is a need to convey expectations to staff, visitors or members of the public. From the moment people arrive on your premises, mandatory signs can guide them safely and securely through your premises and practices, ensuring your policies are adhered to for the duration of their visit.

An 'all visitors must report to reception' sign is one of the first mandatory signs people may encounter when arriving at your place of work, and these instructional signs will continue to guide them as they use your premises. We offer many General Information Signs to further add to the clear instructions that you can display at your workplace

A 'now wash your hands' sign is one choice of mandatory signage for bathroom areas that helps to promote good hygiene practice and support health and safety practices on the premises. You should also consider our Cleaning & Washroom Signs when choosing which information messages to use in your work bathroom.

Mandatory signs should also be used in company vehicles to remind drivers to wear a seatbelt when driving and to remove keys from ignition when the vehicle is not in use.

Compulsory safety signs will help with the organisation of exterior areas from 'keep clear signs' to signs which encourage proper waste disposal, reminding people not to litter and making it clear recycling is expected. We also have a full range of Recycling Signs that further help to illustrate the importance of disposing of waste items correctly.

Variety of Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs feature clear verbal instructions alongside universally-recognisable pictograms which can help to clearly communicate your message to everyone. Many of these signs feature attention-grabbing colours and punctuation marks to help assert the importance of compliance.

Some mandatory safety messages are combined with Prohibition Signs, information signs or Hazard Signs to help clarify the reason for the instruction, and ensure that staff, workers, and visitors are all able to understand and adhere to the relevant health and safety expectations in an area.


What Mandatory Signs Do I Need?

Your need for mandatory signs will be dictated by the practices on your premises. To determine what mandatory sings are necessary in a building, it can be helpful to make an area-by-area log of the expectations for staff and visitors. You can then use this to design a signage plan incorporating mandatory signs that will effectively communicate expectations.

Where Should Mandatory Signs Be Placed?

Mandatory signs should be used in any area where you wish to communicate a requirement or expectation to staff, visitors, and members of the public. Signs should be mounted in areas where they are easily visible from all angles and not obscured.

What Are Mandatory Signs?

Mandatory signs are types of safety signs which are needed to ensure that all of the rules of a workplace are being followed. They range from mandatory instructional signs, such as those instructing dog owners to Keep Dogs On Leads, to mandatory safety signs that warn of potential Hazard Areas, to mandatory work signs that instruct workers on best practices they need to follow such as Wearing Correct PPE. These are just a few examples of mandatory safety signs in the workplace. Seton offers a full range of mandatory safety signage and workplace signage.

What Colour Are Mandatory Signs?

For those who are wondering: what do blue signs indicate? A blue and white sign, such as Seton’s Keep Gates Closed Sign, follows the UK’s Health and Safety Regulations, which specify that such signage must bear a circular blue background and a white pictogram. This is to aid in the easy recognition and identification of similarly important, official signage.