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Fire Hoses and Nozzles

Need help? Need help? Discover the importance of fire hoses in fire safety In the unfortunate event of a fire on high-risk commercial premises, access to a fire hose with the right type of nozzle could be the difference between effectively fighting and containing a fire or sustaining many thousands of pounds in property damage.

If you are required to provide access to a fire fighting hose on your premises, choosing one with the right features and quality is of crucial importance. In this regard, you should choose a hose and nozzle that are made from durable materials and can be stored safely and neatly for long periods of time.

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Fire Hose Use In The Workplace

Under current fire safety legislation, all commercial premises are required to possess and maintain appropriate fire-fighting equipment. For most businesses, this covers portable Fire Extinguishers. However, in the case of higher risk commercial premises this obligation also extends to hose reels. This might include, for example, a restaurant or commercial premises where chemicals and other highly flammable materials are stored.

Fire hoses work to put out fires by smothering the flames in water, which deprives the fire of oxygen and saturates the burning material. This greatly reduces the heat from combustion to below the materials ignition temperature and prevents the flammable material from continuing to burn.

Which Fire Hose and Nozzle to Choose

When looking for a high-quality fire hose and nozzle, you should be particularly aware of how easily it can be handled and stored. The hose used should be reasonably lightweight so that it can be neatly stowed away and deployed easily when needed. As such, you should look for a high-quality hose that coils easily and reliably and holds its shape with long term storage. A Layflat Hose is a perfect option in this regard as it coils tightly and does not require much storage space. For those with more space, a hose reel might be a better option as it can be securely installed and allows for a quick deployment, whilst also being very easy to coil again after use.

You should also ensure that the material used in the hose is as durable as possible: it must be resistant to abrasion on the rough surfaces on which it might be deployed. This ensures the hose itself does not become damaged and that the water flow will not be interrupted when in use.

It is equally important to ensure that the nozzle used on the hose is of a very high quality. Ideally, a stainless steel, alloy, or aluminium should be used to ensure the nozzle does not rust or corrode over time. The mechanism used should be simple to operate and allow the user to accurately regulate the flow of water. Adjustable Jet Spray Nozzles can also be purchased. These allow the flow of water to be changed to a spray to provide greater coverage.

Maintaining Fire Hoses

The obligation to possess fire-fighting equipment such as a fire hose also extends to maintaining them and ensuring they meet all industry standards. As such, fire hoses and nozzles should be maintained by a qualified person, with detailed logs of any inspections and repairs being kept. Commercial property owners may also need to ensure equipment is upgraded as new fire safety industry standards become available. At the very least, this would involve an annual service including a flow rate and pressure test.

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