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Cloakroom Furniture

It is easy to put together your cloakroom layout by choosing items of furniture from our range of lockers, hanging options and seating. You can create an attractive and practical space that is hygienic, with benches that are functional, easy to maintain and built to last. In our range of cloakroom furniture, you will find something suitable for any project. Whether you need items of furniture for a large number of users, or for a more modest space, there are various options. There are also options of wooden benches or plastic island seating.

For more information, take a look at our buying guide below.

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Locker Room Seating: Buying Guide

In a small cloakroom, a single wooden bench will be suitable to provide a limited changing space. These have powder-coated steel legs and attractive ash wood slats. This type of simple addition need not be single if there is space, and can be readily placed in other stations where seating is required.

If you need benches for a larger cloakroom, there are certain features to consider. For situations such as at a swimming pool gym, certain industrial settings, or other places with a high risk of dampness, plastic furniture is recommended. The benches we supply are made of plastic so are rust, rot, and corrosion resistant. Water, grease, salt or acid will not cause the damage they would to wooden slats. The product is also hygienic and will not be damaged by cleaning substances, so you can sanitise thoroughly. The material is built to withstand temperature extremes, it is lightweight and easy to move when you need to access the floor for cleaning.

The plastic benches come complete with a bottom shelf to keep shoes at the ready and possessions off the floor. There are both single-sided and double-sided options available. You can use a wall-mounted plastic rack with hooks, or there is the option of a free-standing clothes sorter above the bench.

You may find that a hook rack will be sufficient, but at some sites, a hanger rail will be better suited for holding heavy items such as jackets or coveralls. The hanger rail comes with a practical top shelf situated above the hangers. The upright racks may be suspended above single-sided or double-sided bench islands. The longer the bench is, the more hooks or rail space will be on the rack above it.

By working out the dimensions, you will be able to organise a cloakroom with an appropriate central bench and hanging space suited exactly to your requirements, and there will be sufficient space around it for easy traffic flow. These easy-to-clean plastic benches look modern and smart, and will keep the zone orderly and attractive.

The standard tubular powder-coated steel seating comes in colours that match our lockers. They have convenient double coat hooks; again, the longer the length of your bench, the more hooks are fitted. The slats are of natural-looking ash wood, which gives them a pleasing natural appearance. Before ordering, decide on whether you would like a shoe tray or a basket. A tray or basket will help to keep the cloakroom tidy and hygienic, at the same time removing any tripping hazard. Single-sided and double-sided seating is available, depending on the size of your space and whether it will be a central seating island or placed against a wall.

Both types of bench are designed for easy self-assembly; they will be sent to you flat-packed. Floor-fixing brackets are supplied for the metal ones, which will keep them firmly in place.