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Eyewear Dispensers

A quick and easy way to provide your employees with the safety glasses and other eye protection they need, eyewear dispensers also help to keep such items orderly and clean. They make it easy to store a sufficient supply of them exactly where they are needed, and they can also enable you to transport them more safely between locations.

With the right dispenser in your workplace, you will have no trouble keeping your employees kitted out with the best available personal protection equipment for the job.

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Safety Glasses Dispenser Guide

We have a range of different eyewear dispensers suited to different types of working environment. They are all excellent quality, but they fit different sets of priorities, so you will need to think about what is likely to be most useful for your employees.

Portable Or Fixed?

The dispensers we stock can be divided into two basic categories: those that are portable, and those designed to be permanently fixed in one place. Portable dispensers are useful for off-site work, and the ones in our range are tough enough for you to be able to pack them into a van with other equipment and not worry about their contents getting battered about en route.

Fixed dispensers like our acrylic one are generally designed to sit on a shelf or be bolted to a wall. You may want to keep them in a changing area or, if eye protection is only needed for specific tasks, place them beside the doorway into the area where they will be used. Affixing one of our eye protection safety signs nearby will help your employees to remember never to enter that area or begin that task without them.

Some eyewear dispensers are designed to let individual employees store their eye protection equipment for repeated use, and can be easily marked with stickers or paint to help them remember whose are whose. Others are designed to dispense disposable eyewear. The latter type can be useful in workplaces like computer factories, where it is vital that everything is free of dust and static electricity, or labs dealing with biological material, where all outer garments must be incinerated after use.

The eyewear dispensers we stock are made from a variety of materials. In a busy factory or warehouse environment where there is always a risk of accidental impact, metal ones are a good choice, having the natural resilience to protect their contents from damage. In other contexts, transparent ones can be great, because they make it easy to keep track of how many pairs of safety glasses or safety goggles are left inside, and top up as necessary.

When considering materials, it is also useful to think about how easy to clean your eye dispenser will be, especially if you work in an environment where cleanliness is vital to safety or to the quality of your products. Think about how the dispenser can be opened and whether or not your cleaners will be able to work their way into any niches where there is a risk or dirt building up.

A good quality eyewear dispenser should be a long-term asset and rarely need to be replaced. In this situation, it is worth making sure of quality, and we are confident that our selection can offer you just that.