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Electrical Recycling Signs

Need help? Need help? Why is recycling electronics important? Premium Electrical Recycling Signs with Super Fast Delivery

Many businesses are wisely making the recycling of workplace waste a priority. This is even more important when it comes to recycling electrical products and related items, from batteries and light bulbs to large appliances.

To ensure that electrical products are recycled safely and efficiently in your workplace, it is vital that staff, contractors and visitors know how to comply with your company’s recycling policy. One way of making this easier is by using specific signs for recycling electronics. Our electric recycling signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials, with many featuring easily recognisable recycling symbols.

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Why Should I Recycle Electronics?

Recycling is, without doubt, the best, safest and most responsible option when it comes to disposing of any electrical item that has reached the end of its useful life. Repairing and refurbishing such items is sometimes possible, but once the product has been deemed beyond repair, it is time to recycle it. Recycling electrical items can protect the environment by keeping waste, some of which is potentially hazardous, out of landfills and also allows for materials within the product to be reused.

Electrical Safety First claim that of the estimated 170 million new electrical items purchased in the UK each year, more than two thirds are currently not recycled. It is important that businesses of all sizes commit to improving those numbers and keeping more electronic waste out of landfills.

What’s more, there are regulations in place that may affect you and your business. Under the Waste Electrical and Electronic (WEEE) Directive, all retailers must now ensure that customers can safely dispose of their electronic equipment when they buy a new item. This means that shops and other retail outlets are obliged to provide a way for customers to do this, either by taking in the electronic items in-store or providing a collection service.

How Do You Recycle Electrical Items?

There are a few options that help companies do the right thing when it comes to recycling electrical products. You can take goods to your local recycling centre or, in some circumstances, ask them to collect from you. You can find out where your closest recycling centre is and what their policies are on the Recycle Now website, which is also a good resource for looking up how to dispose of a specific item.

Local councils may also offer a collection service for some electronic goods, such as household appliances. Many companies that sell ink cartridges, for example, will allow you to return empty cartridges for free. Many large retail and wholesale stores also have places to deposit small electronic items such as ink cartridges and batteries.

Which Electrical Items Can be Recycled?

It is surprising how many electronic items can be recycled. Almost anything that uses a plug, a charger or batteries can be recycled. Recycling low energy bulbs, fluorescent tubes and small appliances is relatively easy. Recycling fridges and freezers is particularly important, as is recycling large appliances of all types. You will often find that recycling is in fact the easiest option, as many electrical items cannot be put in your general rubbish bin anyway.

Here are a few of the electrical products you may use in your workplace that should definitely be recycled:

  • Computers and laptops

  • Printers, scanners and fax machines

  • Mobile phones and tablets

  • Audio-visual equipment

  • Small appliances such as kettles, coffee makers, toasters and irons

  • Large appliances such as fridges, freezers and washing machines

  • Electric equipment used in specific businesses, such as hair dryers or sewing machines

  • Electric tools such as drills and chainsaws

  • Small ‘depletable’ items such as batteries, light bulbs and fluorescent tubes

There is very little that cannot be recycled, and generally speaking, if it runs off an electric source and/or a battery, there is probably a way to recycle it.

What Electrical Recycling Signs Do I Need?

Placing clear and relevant recycling signage around your workplace is very important. It can be a real help in implementing a recycling policy that everyone is aware of and ensuring that everyone knows exactly what to do with old electronic goods. Making employees aware of your company recycling policy in their initial and ongoing training is good, but reminding everyone of it on a daily basis can be as simple as providing and drawing attention to recycling points around their work spaces and throughout the business premises, which is easily done with the correct recycling signage.

Depending on the type of work carried out in your company, you may need a recycling sign reminding employees and contractors where to leave large appliances for transport to recycling centres, or you may need signage drawing attention to a station for recycling batteries or recycling low energy light bulbs. Rest assured that here at Seton, all our electrical recycling signs support the Government-led Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Where Should Electrical Recycling Signs be Placed?

Recycling signs should be placed around all workspaces and communal areas to inform and remind your staff and visitors of the company policy on waste disposal. Material-specific signs should be placed on bins and other receptacles assigned for specific materials. Recycling signage can also be very useful for indicating areas where larger items can be left for future recycling, as you will not, for example, have a designated receptacle for large computer equipment or appliances.

There are convenient ways to secure your recycling signage in relevant positions around your premises. See our range of sign fixings to choose the best solutions for your various workspaces.

Best Electrical Recycling Signs

The products you need will of course depend on your individual workplace and what kind of electronic items you need to recycle, but here are some of our top products, including some very affordable, high-value signs that almost any business will find useful.

General Electrical Waste Recycling Signs – These WRAP-compliant signs are made from rigid plastic with a satin finish. They are suitable for use both indoors and outside and are available in a choice of sizes.

Small Appliances WRAP Recycling Pictorial Signs – These signs comes in a range of sizes and materials with a choice of permanent or removable self-adhesive fixings to draw attention to stations for recycling small appliances.

Low Energy Bulbs WRAP Electrical Recycling Signs – Many people have questions about recycling low energy bulbs, but it can easily be done. These signs provide awareness for workers and are available in rigid plastic or vinyl as well as a variety of sizes.

Electronic and Electrical WRAP Cut-Out Photographic Recycling Signs – With an attractive and striking design to draw attention to the types of products that can be recycled, these signs also come with a choice of fixings, sizes and materials.

Batteries – WRAP Electrical Waste Recycling Signs – Ensure workers know exactly where to recycle a common item that is regularly used (and disposed of) in many workplaces. These signs are clear, eye-catching and available in different sizes and materials to suit your workspaces.

If you have any questions about the type of electrical recycling signage you need in your workplace, please feel free to get in touch. Our friendly experts are always happy to chat with you about your individual needs and requirements.