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Lens Cleaners

Developing cleaning routines for all your personal protection equipment is a vital part of any health and safety protocol, and at Seton we are happy to help with our useful selection of lens cleaners. By stocking fluids, wipes and wipe dispensers all in one place, we make it easy for you to find what you need, so you can keep your eye protection equipment in tip-top condition.

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Choosing Lens Wipes And Lens Cleaning Kits

Like any other piece of personal protective equipment, safety goggles and safety glasses need to be looked after. Cleaning them regularly not only makes them easier to see through, reducing frustration and maintaining safety, it can also extend their lifetime.

Over time, dirt and mud can make it way into tiny scratches on lenses until it is impossible to get them clear again. Corrosive residues left on lenses can slowly damage them even when they are resistant enough to protect eyes. As such, in most sectors it is considered best practice to clean them at the end of each shift.

Setting up a lens cleaning station outside the area where eyewear is used or in your employees’ changing area can help you get them into the habit of cleaning their eyewear as part of their daily routine. With everything in one place, this streamlines the task, and if several people are doing it at once it is less likely one person will forget, thus keeping eyewear as safe as possible.

We stock a variety of disposable wipes that can be used for lens cleaning. They are easy to transport to off-site locations or even to keep in a pocket so that lenses can be cleaned as soon as a problem develops, which can be very helpful if employees are working in awkward locations without easy access to supplies. In workplaces where there is a lot of mess, they mean employees can clean their lenses as often as is necessary without having to abandon what they are doing, though they should always move to a safe area first if they intend to remove protective eyewear.

We also stock dispensers for eyewear wipes which can be set up in convenient areas of your workplace for easy access by busy employees. Keeping them in rest areas means cleaning lenses during breaks can become a habit, and means employees will associate it with relaxation rather than seeing it as an annoying task they must complete before they go home.

If you prefer to use your own wipes or cloths for cleaning, we also supply lens cleaning fluid separately in bottles that are designed to keep it in good condition over prolonged periods, even if it takes you a while to use it all up.

Lens cleaning fluid and pre-saturated wipes can often be used to clean other items in the workplaces, such as computer screens and mobile devices, though you should always pay close attention to the instructions to avoid trouble. You will find that it is much more effective on protective eyewear than soap and water, removing problem stains quickly and significantly reducing the risk of this vital safety equipment suffering from lasting damage.