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Security cages

Whether you are looking for a secure place for storage during transit, or simply seeking a permanent storage solution, our range of security cages offer the perfect solution. Security cages can help ensure that materials are stored securely and remain in-keeping with the relevant legislation, as well as being a good way to ensure that stock and storage areas are kept organised and managed in a way that helps to ensure the safety of staff and others on-site. Our range of security cages offers a selection of options designed to meet the varying needs of differing work environments, all constructed to high standards.

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Storage Cages: Buying Guide

If you are looking to ensure the smooth and safe running of your workplace and business premises, then putting the correct equipment in place is a fundamental part of the process. Both storage and transit require tailored solutions to keep stock safe and secure and help protect the wellbeing of staff, visitors and clients while on the premises. Investing in quality security cage is a good way to ensure that your transport and storage processes are compliant with the relevant legislation, and are also a great way for those in charge of stock handling to achieve peace of mind about the safety and security of the systems in place.

Static security cages are for use primarily in stock and storage areas and serve a number of purposes. The caged design of this storage system means that, once secured, items placed within the cage are unable to topple and fall, thus reducing the risk of falling object injuries within the workplace. Static security cages are used to ensure that controlled and volatile materials are kept in a secure space, helping to reduce the risk of accidents due to agitation, they are ideal for the storage of chemicals and hazardous materials as at a glance you can see their status, and act on any emergency immediately. These items are also kept under controlled access as locks can be installed to allow only those with the correct training and clearance to access stock.

We also offer a range of mobile security cages, which can be helpful in creating safe transport and logistics solutions for your stock. Mobile cages reduce the risk of loads shifting in transit, as the caged design keeps stock contained even when in motion. This reduces the risk of accidents and injuries to those responsible for transporting goods. Mobile cages are also useful in continuing to meet the required health and safety standards for potentially hazardous materials when being used to transport stock.

The design of both our static and mobile security cages use welded mesh to make sure that stock and stored items remain clearly visible at all times, meaning that the contents are easy to see and identify without the need to open and close cages all the time. This can help to improve efficiency and performance in the workplace, while retaining high standards for stock storage and safety.

Our security cages for storage and transport are available in a range of designs, allowing you to choose an option that suits the needs and environment of your own workplace. We can also supply security cages with pre-affixed safety signs, such as Hazard Signs and Access Awareness Signs.