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Building Material Recycling Sign

Need help? Need help? Read our ultimate guide to recycling building materials Best Building Material Recycling Signs - Largest range in the UK

Building site recycling is an important consideration for any construction company. Construction site signs can help ensure that building materials are recycled safely and efficiently across all your work sites.

It is vital that staff, contractors and visitors to your sites know how to comply with your company’s recycling policy. You can make this easier by using the right building site recycling signs to clearly indicate where materials should be placed.

Our recycling signage is available in a variety of sizes and materials, with many suitable for outdoor use. Our signs feature easily recognisable recycling symbols and support government recycling guidelines.

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Why Should I Recycle Building Materials?

Recycling is a safe and responsible option for dealing with building material waste on any construction site. Recycling can not only protect the environment by keeping building waste out of landfills but can also help keep your sites clear and safe for workers and other site visitors. It also allows for materials to be recycled into new products or used on other construction projects, if appropriate.

There are also laws and regulations in place that govern how you should dispose of building waste. The law states that every part of your construction site must be kept in ‘good order’ with the aim of keeping employees, contractors, visitors and the general public safe. The Health and Safety Executive issues regulations about how waste, including hazardous waste, should be managed and stored on building sites. It also offers tips on the use of waste management and storage solutions, such as how to best manage the placement and collection of skips and how flammable materials should be handled.

How do you Recycle Building Materials?

There are a few options that construction companies have open to them when it comes to recycling building materials. Many products can be recycled by a general local recycling centre or a specialist recycling company. You can find out where your closest recycling centre is, for any type of material, on the Recycle Now website, which is also a good resource to find out exactly how to dispose of a specific item.

In the case of building materials, many materials can be reclaimed and reused in other building projects, saving money and natural resources as well as protecting the environment. If your company cannot use or store materials that are still usable, you may be able to donate or sell them to other environmentally friendly companies through a site such as Environmate.

Which Building Materials can be Recycled?

Most building materials can be recycled, as can many construction tools. Here are a few of the building materials you may use on your construction sites that should definitely be recycled:

  • Wood

  • Metals

  • Plastics

  • Plasterboard

  • Aggregates

  • Bricks

  • Floor and wall coverings

  • Insulation materials

  • Packaging and packing materials

  • Power tools

  • Small motors and other elements of power tools

There is very little that cannot be recycled, and this goes for both materials and tools. Some products that are made of mixed materials may be harder to recycle, but even then, there is sometimes a way to separate the components.

What Building Material Recycling Signs do I Need?

Ensuring that you have the correct recycling sign is vital, the exact signage you will need will vary between companies and even between construction sites, depending on the scale of the project and the type of work being carried out. For that reason, each site should be assessed to determine what type of signage is needed. Consider the size of the site, the work taking place and the materials being used in order to work out how many signs are necessary and for which materials.
Be sure to also choose recycling signs that follow the recycling sign logos from the ‘Recycle Now’ campaign that is run by the government.

Good recycling signage can be a real help in implementing a recycling policy that everyone is aware of, and it can ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do with waste materials. This is particularly important on a building site where it is vital to keep the site clear and the workers safe while also protecting outside contractors and other visitors to the site. You will mainly be needing outdoor signage, of course, so pay attention to the material your signs are made of. You will want to ensure that they are weather resistant and durable.

Depending on the type of work carried out on your sites, you may need anything from general signs reminding employees and contractors which materials need to be recycled to signage drawing attention to a specific station for recycling a single item such as plasterboard, timber or soil. Here at Seton, all our building site recycling signs support the Government-led Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Where Should Building Material Recycling Signs be Placed?

Recycling signs should be placed around each building site with the aim of informing and reminding your employees, contractors and visitors of the company policy on recycling building waste.

Material-specific signs should be placed in areas where those materials need to be left. Smaller signs or stickers can be placed on bins and other receptacles to indicate where specific materials should be placed. You will need bigger, bolder signs to draw attention to where larger quantities of materials, such as rubble and hardcore, or large pieces of wood and timber should be left.

Good Recycling Signs for Building Sites

The products you need will of course depend on your work sites and what kind of building materials you need to recycle, but here are some of our top products, including some very affordable, high-value and durable signs that most building sites will need.

Building Materials – WRAP Yes Please/No Thanks Recycling Signs – This sign serves as a clear guide on what can and cannot be placed in a specified area for recycling. Made from rigid plastic or vinyl, it is available in a choice of sizes and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Hardcore and Rubble – WRAP Recycling Pictorial Signs – These come in a range of sizes and materials with a choice of permanent or removable self-adhesive fixings. A clear image draws attention to stations for depositing hardcore and rubble.

Plasterboard – WRAP Building Waste Recycling Pictorial Signs – Bearing the WRAP ‘Recycle Now’ logo as well as a photographic image for attention, these signs are available in rigid plastic or vinyl. They are durable and suitable for use in outdoor settings.

Wood and Timber – WRAP Photographic Recycling Signs – With a striking design to draw attention to the type of product that can be recycled in a given area, these signs come with a choice of fixings and sizes. Material options include rigid plastic, vinyl or removeable, repositionable vinyl.

If needed, we can also provide custom-made recycling signs where you provide the text, choose the details and even add your company logo if desired. This allows you to customise your signage for each building site, according to your specific needs.

If you have any questions about the type of building site recycling signs you need for your construction business, please feel free to get in touch. Our friendly experts are always happy to talk to you about your needs and discuss any special requirements you may have for a specific work site.