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Aisle Marking Tapes

Highlighting exits and hazards in your workplace is a key part of any health and safety strategy. This is especially important when identifying them would otherwise be difficult, such as in poor light. At Seton we have a range of photoluminescent aisle marking tapes for use on floors and walls that provide a cost effective and efficient way of doing this. Also included here are floor primers and applicators, so you have everything you need to clearly mark escape routes on your business premises.

Discover more information on the importance of aisle marking and glow in the dark tape in our helpful guide.

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The Importance of Safety Tape

The aisle marking tapes stocked by Seton can be used in several ways to improve safety standards at your workplace. This includes marking fire exits, step edges, doorways and other potential hazards. It is important for everyone on your premises to be aware of these both day and night, but with our aisle marking tapes, this is a straightforward process.

Our aisle marking tapes come in a choice of designs which conform to British and European standards as necessary. Running man tape can be supplied in either left or right configurations, while universal arrows can mark out any direction. Use red-striped tape to show firefighting equipment, green to mark safe conditions or exits and black for hazards or danger zones.

The range also includes a tape applicator to make applying aisle marking tapes an easy task. To be sure the aisle marking tapes remain where you need them without coming loose, they need to be applied to a clean, dry surface. Create the ideal conditions for your tapes with a surface primer and prevent the edges from lifting with an edge sealer.

Using the aisle marking tapes available from Seton to mark the hazards and escape routes on your premises will help to reduce the risk of accidents considerably and gives you peace of mind. Provide additional guidance and information for all who come to your premises with our selection of floor markers and signs.

Increase Safety with Glow in the Dark Tape

When carrying out a risk assessment on your premises, it is important to consider all eventualities. Steps and emergency exits may be clear enough by day, but at night-time or in the event of a power failure or fire, these can be hard to see and the likelihood of accidents increases.

Our aisle marking tapes are made from a photoluminescent material, which will remain illuminated so hazards can be clearly seen during periods of darkness. The NITE-GLO photoluminescent material used in our aisle marking tapes conforms to the brightness classification ratings set by the by the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association (PSPA).