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Bike Racks & Shelters

Need help? Need help? What is the importance of a bike rack or shelter? Our range of bike racks and shelters provide a tough and durable storage solution for employees, pupils and site visitors. They are easy to install and are a stylish addition to the exterior of your site.

An increasing drive for healthy living has encouraged more people to cycle to work, school or as a hobby. Cycling to work schemes are becoming more popular which means it is vital employers provide bike shelters and racks for cycles to be stored on their premises and encourage a healthy lifestyle overall. For more information on the health benefits of bike racks and shelters and how they can make your workplace more secure, check out our buying guide and FAQs.

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Cycle Storage: Buying Guide

We have an extensive range of bicycle storage, our products include bike racks and cycle shelters.

  • Bike racks: Allow you to store your bike safely and securely

  • Cycle shelters: Are a great way to store a large quantity of bikes whilst protecting them against all weather conditions.

Bike Racks & Shelters: Health Benefits

Bike racks are a fantastic way to encourage employers and pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle. With people cycling now more than ever the demand for extra security is increasing. Our cycle racks are made of robust durable materials, which come in a variety of modern designs to suit every location. Our bike racks are an efficient and effective way of storing bicycles safely and securely at all times.

With a greater focus on sustainability and environmental forms of travel, it’s important to provide your workforce or pupils with the resources to travel by any method they choose. Bike shelters encourage more people to cycle and lead a healthier lifestyle. Cycle shelters can also reduce any parking issues you may already have and showcase the environmental focus of your business or school.

Having a healthier workforce or group of students will improve productivity rates. Offering the appropriate bicycle storage is important as it allows you to promote taking part in regular exercise. The reduction in traffic levels will also help to lower pollution, which is a health benefit for everyone. The amount of congestion will also be improved.

Shelters & Cycle Racks: Security & Safety

Today’s bikes can be extremely costly and riders are sometimes unwilling to park them in insecure areas, particularly if they’re being left for long periods of time. A bike rack and shelter will improve security, by providing users with a dedicated area where their bikes can be locked to a secure structure that is bolted into the ground.

If you are limited for space we also sell bike loops that will enhance security and allow bikes to be safely stored. Our cycle hoops are made from heavy duty steel to increase durability. We supply stock in a variety of designs, including curved units and those with and without sides, to fit into different sized areas.

If you are cycling make sure that you stand out from the crowd and reduce the risk of accidents by wearing appropriate attire. We provide a wide range of hi-vis clothing to ensure safety and visibility at all times. It is extremely important to make yourself visible whilst cycling when natural light is low.

To keep your bike secure and safe, we offer a variety of padlocks to increase security, especially for items being stored outside. Our extensive range includes specialised rust-proof long shackle padlocks, combination padlocks, multipacks and much more.


Are the bike racks and shelters suitable for all types of weather?

Living in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable – even in the summer months. Our covered bike shelters will protect users’ bikes from wind, rain and snow. This will reduce the risk of rust and other damage caused by leaving bikes out in the open.

Why do I need a designated bike area?

Bike racks and shelters encourage employers and pupils to cycle as they are reassured that their bike is safe and secure. Having a designated bike area improves cycle safety as you can have a dedicated cycle lane which will keep bikes and cars separate. You can easily make road markings using our line marking equipment.

Are cycle shelters easy to install?

Installation is available upon request on selected cycle shelters. We are happy to provide you with a custom quote from any of our ranges.

Do the bike racks and shelters use durable material?

Yes, our bike racks and shelters use a range of materials such as high-quality steel and some of them are powder coated for weather protection. Our cycle shelters also protect your bike from damage such as rust.