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Road Marking & Car Park Stencils

Need help? Need help? How to use stencils in 3 easy steps UK’s Best Road Marking Stencils. Everything Covered!

Roads, exits, entrances and car parks are some of the most hazardous places on business premises. In these locations, clear directions are essential to control the management of traffic and avoid accidents. Here at Seton, we want to help you improve the level of health and safety at your business. Our range of Road marking stencils and kits allow instructions to be painted directly onto the road, so all vehicle drivers can clearly understand what is required.

If instructions, warnings and directions are not displayed, this increases the risk of a serious accident on your premises. It also means you may be in breach of health and safety laws. Use our stencils for road marking to keep your workplace safe. Read our useful buying guide to find out more about paint application, combining symbols and messages with line marking and other ways stencils can increase safety.

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Car Park Stencils - Make Sure Your Message is Seen

Marking instructions, directions and warnings on a road surface have important advantages regarding safety. The road ahead is what a vehicle driver will be concentrating on, so placing clear markings in such an obvious place means they are unlikely to be missed. Furthermore, messages and symbols painted directly on road surfaces are durable and last for years, even after prolonged periods of severe weather.

Using road marking stencils over freehand painting such as the Car Park Stencil Kit will:

  • Ensure your messages are neat, bold and easily recognisable to all vehicle drivers

  • Make creating the required road markings a task that is simple and quick to complete. Something we all like!

Traffic Stencil Application

The process of adding clear, informative markings to a road is made much simpler with stencils. Follow these 3 basic steps for quick application.

Step 1 - Decide on the correct location for your stencil and tape them into place using gaffa tape
Step 2 - Paint in your desired colour using our selection of paints
Step 3 - Once painting is complete, wipe the road marking stencil clean ready for reuse as required.

Make sure you protect both the safety and clothing of workers carrying out road marking with items from our range of PPE (personal protective equipment), such as overalls and goggles.

Car Park Paint Stencils - Combine Symbols, Pictograms and Lines

The selection of stencils at Seton includes a variety of options to create all commonly used road marks. These include arrows, speed limits, parking restrictions and pedestrian crossings and disabled parking bay stencils. The use of standard symbols and pictograms will ensure that road marks made using these stencils are recognised by all drivers regardless of nationality.

To make sure your traffic management rules are completely clear for all drivers, use our road marking stencils in conjunction with our easy to use thermoplastic line marking tape. This will provide everything you need to create a smooth-running traffic system on your premises, which clearly indicates the directions, instructions and warnings needed to keep everyone safe.

Our road marking stencils are made from a strong, easy to clean high-quality PVC and are laser cut to ensure all images and letters are precise and clear. They are also all designed to be quick and easy to apply. Ensuring you can get onto your next task as quick as possible! We also offer a wide range of thermoplastic road marking.

Road Stencils and Car Park Safety

A good traffic management system which includes clear road markings can help make a good first impression on visitors arriving at your premises by car. Using road marking letter stencils to create warnings and instructions will also go some way to preventing vehicle accidents on your premises, which I think we’d all agree is worth preventing. By reducing confusion, they will make arrivals, departures, and other movement around the premises more efficient. Make sure you have all the essential equipment you need by taking a look at our 'Top 10 Car Park Safety Considerations' as well as many of the other interesting and informative articles that we have on our website.

When implementing new wayfinding measures it can be difficult to know if the changes you are making will comply with health and safety legislation. You can remove much of that uncertainty by shopping at Seton, one of the UK’s leading retailers of workplace safety products. With our motto of ‘safety made easy’, we check all products to ensure they comply with relevant laws so you can shop with confidence.

If you need any further advice on any of our products, our friendly customer service team are on hand to help you.