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Headgear that offers both protection and comfort may seem difficult to find, but this is where safety bump caps come into play. Protect the heads of your workers without the bulk of a hard hat, with our selection of bump caps. Providing protective headgear for workers and visitors who need to be in an area where there are hazards likely to cause head injuries is a requirement for employers. Take a look at our guide to using and buying bump caps.

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Buying Bump Hats

A hard blow to the head can cause a serious injury, resulting in life-changing consequences and sometimes, even fatalities. Providing personal protective equipment can go some way to reducing the risk of serious head injuries, and bump caps are a good option for many workplaces.

Good head protection can save lives if it reduces the impact of a blow to the head, but often it can be uncomfortable to wear. A bump cap provides effective protection against bumps and scrapes, but is a lightweight option that is comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.

As well as being lightweight, bump caps provide ventilation to the head, allowing the wearer to remain at a comfortable temperature. For convenience, they are fully washable. The shape of the bump cap makes it easier to wear with other protective equipment, such as dust masks and safety glasses, which can be found in our range of PPE.

If the nature of work at your premises requires staff or visitors to enter a hazardous environment, personal protective equipment needs to be provided, which may include head protection such as bump caps. Understanding your obligations under the current health and safety laws can appear confusing, but by shopping at Seton, a leading retailer of workplace safety equipment, including head protection, you will find the process much easier. We make sure all of our products comply with the relevant EU and UK safety laws and are always glad to offer advice if you have any queries as to which products are suitable for your business.

To provide full protection, bump caps can be used in conjunction with other safety products. If tools are being used, you may need to provide ear protection, and we also have a large selection of gloves for hand protection, if those are also at risk. Don’t forget to remind everyone to wear head protection before entering the hazardous area, using our comprehensive range of head protection signs.

Head injuries can cause serious and sometimes even long-term consequences, but discomfort at work can cause its own hazards. If workers are uncomfortable, they are more likely to lose concentration, resulting in inefficiency and the increased risk of accidents. Bump caps provide a comfortable option that will allow staff to concentrate on their tasks, while still ensuring their heads are protected. Maintaining good safety standards is a priority for businesses and clearly displays to both employees and visitors how highly you value their wellbeing. With our extensive range of products, it is a straightforward process to find everything you need to keep everyone on your site safe.