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WRAP Recycling Signs

Need help? Need help? Prevent climate change with your recycling signage Protect The Environment With WRAP Recycling Signs

More than 60% of people in England are now considering themselves as people committed to recycling and making a difference to our planet, which has risen greatly from less than half of that in 2004.

The ‘Waste & Resouces Action Programme’ or WRAP, is the world leader in helping organisations to be able to achieve much greater efficiency when it comes to resources. The benefit of WRAP recycling signs is that they are colour coded to make sure that the correct recycling receptacle is utilised for the material that is being recycled. With WRAP’s commitment to sustainable materials and the reprocessing of them, you too can help to improve the environmental issues we face by utilising the correct recycling signs. It’s easy to see a WRAP initiative sign due to the ‘Recycle Now’ logo, used by all major brands, retailers, groups and local authorities to show that all recyclable materials are being disposed of responsibly.

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What is WRAP recycling?

The mission of WRAP is to work with governments and businesses to improve sustainability, and re-define what is possible through recycling, and how that can have an impact on the world we live in. Abiding

In an effort to tackle climate change, simple colour-coded recycling signs can be used for the identification of the correct recycling receptacles, and as such allow you to play your part in the improvement of environmental issues. Recycling bins are a valuable tool for all businesses, that when used in conjunction with WRAP recycling signs, can help to create a more streamlined and organised workplace. Your recycling signage needs will be dependent on what products and facilities you utilise within your business.

WRAP recycling signs can help your business to implement an effective 5S strategy, that will enhance all workplace productivity and efficiency. For more information on creating a 5S strategy for your business, you can visit our guide on ‘How to improve productivity in the workplace’ as a great starting point.

There are signs available for all areas of a business, from regular cardboard and household waste signs, the more common plastic and glass waste, progressing to the less common automotive and electrical waste signage, among others. All WRAP signs feature the ‘Recycle Now’ logo that represents the WRAP initiative and is known internationally.

These strong and durable signs are perfect for all situations and environments due to the variety of materials available, inclusive of rigid plastic, vinyl and our new innovation, the removable and repositionable vinyl.

WRAP Initiatives are focused on driving change where the biggest impacts can be had, this is inclusive of plastic recycling, as well as food & drink, and clothing and textiles. Your business can show a commitment to global change by utilising WRAP recycling signs and helping to ensure that all waste within the business is recycled in the most appropriate, and least harmful manner. Often, the ‘RecycleNow’ emblem is combined with some form of text that provides instructions on whether something can be recycled or not, whether it is widely recycled, not recyclable yet or b. Providing instructions as to what must be done in order for the product to be recyclable. For instance, if something needs to be rinsed before recycling, these instructions will accompany the logo.

On top of instructions, a vast majority of the WRAP recycling signs we stock are accompanied by a pictogram graphic of a certain colour which can help employees or visitors to your premises to recognise and associate recycling specific materials with the colour used on the sign. As well as pictogram signs, we stock a range of WRAP signs that utilise photographic imagery, thus helping to assist in the clarity of what materials can be recycled within which recycling bin.

Improving the efficiency of recycling in your business not only helps with your own productivity and efficiency but assists in the crucially important global issue of climate change. By recycling using the correct facilities, you can make a vast and lasting difference.