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Disposable & Reusable Medical Equipment

Need help? Need help? Keep infection at bay with disposable medical supplies Managing the risk of infection and the spread of bacteria and viruses is a top priority for healthcare professionals. Our range of disposable and reusable medical equipment will ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are always met. We have medical scissors, tweezers, aprons, gloves, cutters and other essential products that can either be disposed quickly and safely or washed and reused in hospitals and other medical environments. Cleaning, protective and wound cleaning supplies are vital — not only in the healthcare sector but also in workplaces and industries where there is a medical room. Stocking up on all the necessities allows you to treat any injury following an accident, so have a look at what we offer.

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Choosing Medical Supplies

You can cover all the medical first aid basics with our affordable and high-quality equipment catalogue. The Medical Scissors are designed to cut through bandages and dressings for application to the skin. You can clean and disinfect these scissors after each use as they are made of stainless steel and feature a widened end for simple operation. You can choose from three types of scissors, including a compact pair and ones designed specifically for bandage use. We also have robust stainless steel Clothing Cutters for cutting away fabric without harming a patient, Splinter Forceps for removing splinters quickly, and general use Safety Pins. These items can supplement our wider range of first aid room equipment kits.

Our premium range of medical products is headlined by the Column Scales, which are designed for use in a GP’s room or other busy environments where the weighing of individuals is an everyday occurrence. There is a built-in height measure designed so that both the practitioner and the patient can ascertain weight measurements at the same time. An equally useful but more affordable weighing option is the set of Personal Scales, which feature a compact and traditional design with imperial and metric scales. The large dial is ideal for patients of all ages and it has a non-slip mat for safe application. Both products would be great alongside our other medical furniture essentials, such as Mercury Free Min-Max Thermometer, Wall Thermometer, comfortable Treatment Couch and Mobile Curtain Screen.

In the disposable section, we have the Disposable Polythene Aprons for use in catering, medical and industrial environments. These aprons, which are lightweight and made of a waterproof polythene plastic, reduce the risk of contagion as you can dispose of any bacteria, viruses and germs quickly and efficiently. Completing our range of essential disposables are the disposable gloves like Nitrile Gloves and Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves. These are perfect for medical use and are chemical resistant. Special versions are especially suited for catering environments, while others are tailored for sensitive skin or allergy sufferers in any workspace where they are required.

Getting rid of waste consisting of human tissue, such as bodily fluids, blood and excretions, is a critical part of any health safety strategy in medical practices. Our Clinical Waste Containers reduce the potential spread of viruses and reduce the ongoing risks involved with such substances by facilitating the safe disposal of every type of clinical waste. The high-quality polyethylene airtight and watertight hermetic seal keeps waste closed in, and the vibrant colour scheme and ergonomic build makes for high visibility and easy storage.

We also have an Enamel First Aider Badge, First Aider Safety Badge, First Aider Flag and High Visibility First Aider Armband for locating first aiders quickly in the event of an accident. Time is of the essence in an emergency, so make sure employees know where to find first aid and who to contact. If you are unsure about some of the basic first aid principles, the First Aid Guidance Leaflet is a great resource. It will educate workers about how to react in emergencies and provide advice about how to administer first aid for common injuries.