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Keeping track of your keys is an important part of an efficient security system, and keyrings are an effective way of accomplishing this. Lost or misplaced keys are a major inconvenience, wasting time and potentially money if new keys have to be cut.

The keyrings in the lock and key security range at Seton are a cost-effective way to improve your security systems. Enhancing the safety and efficiency of security at your premises is something that we recommend to avoid costly insurance bills and comply with health and safety legislation.

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Keychains: Buying Guide

There can be a lot of wasted time hunting for keys that have been misplaced. If this occurs, then there is the potential for a security breach. Keyrings are a simple and well-established method of keeping track of keys and making them more secure. There are a number of options in our range of keyrings that are designed to make key management easier and save both time and money.

Keep keys accessible at all times

Maintaining the safety and security of your premises and those who work or visit on-site is an obligation that employers must fulfil. There are a large amount of safety regulations to consider, but with the correct information and security equipment, the task can seem less daunting. Seton is a leading online retailer of safety and security products, including keyrings. We are always happy to answer any questions on our products and advise you on the most efficient way to make your premises more secure.

We provide products that can be easily adapted to suit any business. Our range of keyrings includes several options with tags, which can be labelled and changed as necessary. We also have a range of key clips that can be labelled, allowing easy location of the correct key. There are a number of materials used in our keyrings with the aim of making them long lasting, strong and easily portable.

It is important that keys are kept safe and organised. Our range includes some options of locking keyrings and tamper-proof keyrings, from which it is impossible to remove the keys without bolt cutters. A tool to seal your tamper-proof keyring is also included in our product range.

A simple and secure way of keeping all your keys in one place

The storage management of keys is an important part of key security. Our key location cards are an easy method of keeping track of who is using a key, when it was borrowed and when it was returned. Use these in conjunction with a cabinet from our range of key and padlock cabinets to create a simple, efficient system of key storage and management, where it is always easy to keep track of keys that are in use.

Poor security systems are a major concern for businesses, but with the extensive range of security equipment available on our website, creating an effective security system may be an easier task than you think. Knowing that your staff, property and assets are secure will increase your peace of mind. It will also help impress any visitors to your premises in regard to efficiency and reassure your employees that their safety is taken seriously. Keyrings may seem like a very small measure, but they are an effective method of keeping keys secure and easy to locate.