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Workplace First Aid Kits

Need help? Need help? Which workplace first aid kit do I need? Top-Rated,UK – Easy-to-Use Workplace First Aid Kits

Employers are required under Health and Safety Regulations 1981 to provide first aid equipment to employees and ensure that they receive immediate attention if they are involved in an accident, sustain an injury or become ill while at work. We have a substantial catalogue of first aid kits tailored for a wide range of workplace environments. Whether you need essential items for an office or a high-risk industrial site, we offer a tailored solution just for you. All of our packages meet HSE regulations and include the necessary items for administering first aid. See our guide to what products are best for your requirements.

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Our Range Of Workplace And Office First Aid Kits

For a premium solution, opt for the British Standard High Risk First Aid Kit. This package comes in a highly visible and robust aluminium case, making it perfect for use in the construction and manufacturing sectors and any general industrial environment where workers complete tasks in high-risk conditions. The British Standard High Risk Kit goes above and beyond BS legal compliance with a feature-rich case with all the essentials, including wipes, dressings, bandages, plasters, tapes and pins, giving employees everything they need in the event of an emergency. Extra items are included specifically for use in industrial spaces. Furthermore, the case is light and features an ergonomic handle for easy transportation around the workplace.

We also offer a Construction First Aid Kit for use in workplaces with up to 20 people. This kit has been designed for use in areas where large structures are being erected, and it complies with all health and safety regulations for construction sites. A handy first aid poster is also included to provide advice about first aid scenarios that could occur in the construction sector, plus signage to designate first aid locations. If you require the essentials for industrial and manufacturing environments, the British Standard Compliant Deluxe First Aid Kit is the best solution. This kit comes in a durable, shatterproof case and features a twist lock to keep items safe and secure.

If you need a bespoke health and safety compliant first aid kit for work, an ideal choice is our range of HSE First Aid Kits, which are available in three types depending on how many persons you need to cover. These kits are fully stocked with all the first aid products required to comply with stringent HSE regulations, and the hard case economy box provides protection from the elements. This is a portable solution that can be moved quickly around the workplace to where it is needed the most. There is also an integral wall bracket for easy and highly-visible storage.

We offer the British Standard Economy First Aid Kits, designed to meet HSE legislation and comply with British Standards 8599. This kit is an economical, high-quality offering, with premium plasters, dressings and a whole host of other useful equipment for treating cuts, grazes and wounds at work.

We also have British Standard First Aid Kits and Workplace First Aid Economy Bundles. The latter is our most popular product for use in workplace environments such as offices, as it includes all the items you need to educate employees about first aid. In addition, with this kit you can log injuries and accidents, provide signage for first aid and offer a comprehensive first aid solution in emergencies. Accident books are an essential element of diligent first aid and employers are required by law to keep them updated.

Eye injuries and ailments are also a common concern in manufacturing and industrial workplaces, so you may need our BS First Aid Kit and Eyewash Bundles, which include a 500ml saline eye wash bottle for cleansing the eye following an accident. You can restock all our workplace first aid kits using the vast range of products we have across our first aid supplies section.

What is the best kind of first aid kit for your workplace?

Every worksite has its own specific health and safety needs and requirements that are important to consider when choosing first aid kits for the workplace. The needs of a small mechanic’s workshop or office will differ from those of a large factory floor. It is important to take into consideration the inherent risks of a workplace when choosing workplace first aid kits, and to consider the number of people who could be in the worksite when deciding on how many first aids you need.

Specific workplaces and worksite conditions should be considered during an initial risk assessment, and these risks and hazards should be factored into the choice of a commercial first aid kit. For example, some workplaces may need:

What are the legal requirements?

The HSE has specific requirements around the placement of workplace first aid kits. The HSE’s guidelines are useful for determining how many first response first aid kits you need, the kind of kits you need, optimal placement for these kits, and additional resources for training staff. All of our first aid kits and bundles meet the HSE regulations and include the materials needed for first aid.

Where should workplace first aid kits be placed?

The placement and installation of a first response first aid kit depends on the worksite facilities and needs. When deciding where to place first aid kits, it is important to refer to the HSE guidelines and conduct a full risk assessment of the area.

Once you have decided how many first aid kits you need, and what kind of kits are needed, the kits should be installed in an area that is easy for all employees to access, with clearly visible signage indicating the placement of the first aid kit. For certain workplaces, it is also a good idea to mount first aid kits directly to the wall using First Aid Kit Wall Brackets to make the kits even more accessible and easy to see.

What other materials are needed?

In addition to having a workplace first aid kit, it is important that you have the proper signage demarcating where the first aid kit is in the worksite. This is to ensure that everyone in the area is aware of where to find the first aid kit in an emergency. A number of our kits, including the Construction Site First Aid Kit and Workplace First Aid Bundles, include signage that can be easily installed. Otherwise, you can choose from our full range of first aid location signs.

In addition to signage, it is important to ensure that you have an extra First Aid Guide in the workplace. In the event of an emergency, it is likely that this guide might become lost or damaged and so it is a good idea to have a few on hand, just in case.

How often should first aid kits be replaced?

According to the HSE, there is no specific period of time in which first aid kits need to be replaced. However, a number of items in first aid kits have expiry periods and it is important to pay attention to the expiration dates of these materials and replace them accordingly.