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Hot and Cold Treatment

Need help? Need help? Why hot and cold therapy is vital in emergencies Our extensive range of hot and cold treatment products soothe everyday aches and pains. The use of heat is an incredibly effective means of improving circulation or blood flow to joints and muscles, while ice is ideal for reducing inflammation and easing pain. Our catalogue of sprays, packs and sleeves will ensure you get the treatment you need, whether you have received an injury in an accident at work or during a sporting activity. These packs can supplement a standard first aid kit and can form an essential part of any individual’s rehabilitation from an injury in the immediate aftermath and the days and weeks following an accident so take a look at our product guide.

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Selecting Hot And Cold Therapy Products

Our Cold Therapy Value Pack offers incredible value for money with its abundance of ice packs and bandages. This package is perfect for sporting environments, where the use of ice packs is commonplace after a player has left the field. The included items will also ensure anyone injured during the game can get immediate assistance, and the use of ice may even reduce swelling and enable them to continue. The ice spray and reusable hot and cold pack sleeve is great for injury prevention and will ensure your team has everything at hand to administer first aid when it is needed.

For those requiring just a basic cold treatment solution, we also offer Instant Ice Packs. These packs provide instant and effective relief to individuals who may have sustained muscle injuries and need cooling relief from the immediate impact and subsequent pain. There is no mess and no need to store them in a freezer beforehand either, as users only need to crush and shake to activate them in an instant. It is vital to apply first aid during the acute stages of injury, and these packs are essential for providing instant treatment for strains, sprains and bruises. Cold therapy reduces nerve activity temporarily, which is great for pain relief.

Our freeze spray can also form an important part of any sports physio’s kit bag. This spray is designed for fast-acting pain relief and promises to relieve common muscle ailments, such as cramps, strains, pulls and stiffness. The immediate cooling effect reduces blood flow to ease inflammation and swelling around tendons and joints. Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is among the most popular first aid treatments, so make sure you have the supplies necessary to treat injuries at work and in sporting environments.

Heat therapy heals damaged tissue and soothes muscles while improving blood flow. You can heat up our Reusable Hot and Cold Packs in the microwave and apply directly to muscles and other injured spots for immediate and effective relief from aches and pains. This type of treatment is usually defined as conducted heat therapy and can be a valuable resource in a range of sporting and work environments. This product is both burst and puncture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about unforeseen accidents. You can also chill it in the freezer for use as cold therapy.

Applying hot and cold products to the skin is not always advisable, so that’s why we offer a Hot & Cold Therapy Sleeve to act as a buffer. You can use the sleeves in conjunction with the hot and cold therapy packs and add another layer to increase the soothing feeling while protecting injured parties from the extremes of hot and cold treatment. It also has an elasticated strap at the top to keep the cover in place when applying to the skin.

Knowing when to apply hot or cold therapy will improve the effectiveness of the treatment, so you may want to purchase the First Aid Guide available in our Accident Books section to learn some of the basic principles of first aid and how to deal with common injury types.