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Need help? Need help? Are signs only required at site entrances? The Right Construction Site Signs for ALL Purposes - Guaranteed!

Employers are legally obliged to maintain construction site health and safety by reducing, or even eliminating the risks posed on construction sites to employees, sub-contractors, visitors and the general public. This can be achieved by controlling both exposure to hazardous substances and risks to physical health. Displaying construction site signage is a legal requirement and plays a critical role in reducing potential dangers on building and construction sites.

See below for more information. An FAQs section, as well as a buying guide.

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Construction Site Signs: Buying Guide

Essential Safety Signage

Our range of construction site safety signs are ideal for promoting health and safety on construction sites and include everything you need for a ground-up build, refurbishment or demolition project; including access, prohibition, vehicle and hazard signs.

Construction site signs are also ideal for use as temporary signage at outdoor events to control pedestrian and vehicular access, smoking, as well as providing directions to the nearest first aid facilities, fire exits and fire assembly points.

As the leading supplier of ISO 7010 compliant signs, we also have available a vast range of permanent smoking signs, first aid signs, fire exit signs and fire assembly point signs.

By their very nature, construction sites can be hazardous places. With ongoing construction, scaffolding builds and usage, unfinished utility connections, moving heavy machinery and much more posing a potential risk to workers and visitors, it is important that sites are clearly signed to help minimise risk.

A construction sign is that which is placed on a construction site to give information, support health and safety practice and help with the smooth operation of the site. Signs that you might need on construction sites include safety clothing (PPE) signs, hazard signs, information signs, fire signs, safety signs and smoking signs.

Construction signs are placed at the entrance to, and around the area of, construction sites to help inform workers and visitors of risks and reduce the occurence of work-related accidents.

Best Placement for Construction Signs

Given the varied nature of construction signs, it is likely they will be placed all over construction sites. It can be helpful to have some signs posted at entrance points to construction sites so that those arriving are made aware of the pertinent information before they even set foot on the site.

Other signs should be posted in the areas where they are most relevant and should be placed in a position that is likely to be visible to those whom the sign is targeting, such as higher up for lorry drivers in cabs and nearer eye level for those moving around on foot.

As construction sites can be messy places, it is important to consider how quickly the signs will get dirty when deciding on a position, as grime can quickly obscure important messages. If there is a risk of construction signs being covered or dulled, a sign cleaning regime may be necessary for the site.

We have available a range of sign fixings designed specifically for securing signs on construction sites.

Large Variety of Signs for Construction Sites

Construction Signs come in several forms. There are prohibition signs such as ‘no entry’ signs that help to prevent unauthorised access and ‘no parking’ signs that help to keep site access clear for deliveries and building machinery. There are also Hazard Signs that can be used on construction sites to warn workers and visitors of potential dangers, such as warning signs alerting people to site entrances, moving traffic, working machinery, demolition, excavation and electrical currents to name but a few.

Construction signs can also signify the need to use safety clothing or personal protective equipment (PPE). This alerts workers and visitors about the need for protective clothing and equipment such as high visibility clothing or head protection for example, in some areas. Signs that inform those on site of the need for foot protection and hand protection while they are in the construction zone are also available.

Some construction signs are information signs, helping workers and visitors navigate their way around the site, giving information on things such as parking areas, site offices and exits, while other construction signs act as safety signs helping to inform those on site of safety practices and expected behaviours in the event of an emergency. We even supply signs to make visitors and employees aware of general waste areas where you have waste containers and collectors set up, to ensure your site remains free of unnecessary clutter.

We have many construction signs available that combine two or more of these elements for effective on-site communication in construction.


What Construction Signs do I need?

The signs that you need for a construction site will vary according to the operation and geography of your site. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the relevant health and safety regulations and plan your signage accordingly.

Where should Construction Signs be placed?

Constructions signs should be placed in relevant positions at site entrances and across site to ensure maximum visibility to all visitors and employees. It is important that signs are visible to both foot and vehicle traffic so consider this when planning sign placement, as well as considering the possibility that dirt could obscure signs in the future.