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General First Aid Stations

Need help? Need help? One station can help you meet first aid legislation General first aid stations can provide a neat solution for the management of first aid equipment in the workplace. The idea is to provide a location where people know they can go to get first aid for any eventuality that may occur. They are designed to be easy to see from a distance and also provide other equipment which compliments a first aid kit, such as an accident book or eye wash as well as contact details for first aiders. Having reorder information and everything in one place makes it easier to continuously manage first aid in your workplace.

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General First Aid Station Buying Guide

The general first aid stations in this category are an easy way to buy first aid essentials and conform to British Standards (if first aid station requirements have been evaluated by a first aid risk assessment). The size of the station needed will be dependent on the number of employees and the kind of work they undertake. You can find out more by looking at our Legislation Watch article on assessing first aid needs in the workplace.

Small, Medium and Large Wall Mounted First Aid Stations

These stations are designed to comply with British Standard 8599-1:2011 and more. As a general rule the small station is suitable for low risk environments (e.g. shops or offices) with up to 25 employees, or high risk environments (warehouses for instance) with up to 4. The medium station is suitable for low-risk workplaces with up to 50 employees, or high-risk with up to 25. It is recommended to use one large version of the station per 100 employees, or for each 25 employees where the risk is high. Alternatively you can look at the contents of each size first aid kit which comes with the station and see if the contents match your needs.

The stations include an updateable sign with a downloadable insert that can be edited with your own first aider information. This means if someone can locate the station they will be able to contact a first aider easily. The 3D header is clear and visible from the front and both sides, and displays a, ISO 7010 white first aid cross on green background. Small and medium stations also come with saline pods to flush contaminated wounds and eyes. When items are missing, clear information panels with QR codes make reordering easy. Refill kits for the stations are also available comprising a full complement of the equipment. The stations are available without the items so you can stock with your own first aid supplies.

Mini First Aid Wall Stations

The modular mini station offers the visibility and first aid kit of the larger stations. Like them it also has a 3D ISO 7010 first aid symbol header for visibility and either a medium or large first aid kit. The header is glow in the dark so the kit can still be found in low light. Having a wall mounted kit like this means it can be seen easily, and the kit quickly removed in an emergency. They are easy to mount to the wall and only require some minor drilling and use of the included wall fixing tape. Numerous units can be stacked adjacent to each other as well as the different versions like the biohazard and burns mini stations.