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Need help? Need help? Why Authorised Persons Only signs are important? Quality Authorised Persons Only Signs/Staff Only Signage

Restricting access to high-risk areas is a crucial part of health and safety in any workplace. In the case of authorised personnel, there must be a set of stringent guidelines to prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas. Seton provides the safety signs and equipment you need to make these guidelines easy to follow for employees, visitors and members of the public.

By selecting our Authorised Persons Only Signs, you can use clear, effective messages to help ensure that only the designated members of your team enter selected areas on your premises. It is vital that you prevent unauthorised access to areas that could pose both a risk to the safety and well-being of those who might enter as well as the security of the property and confidential information held in your workplace.

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Clear and Effective

Easy to understand - Combining bold, simple text and highly visible images, our Authorised Persons Only Signs remove any uncertainty as to where your employees and visitors are allowed and not allowed to enter. By ensuring areas of potential risk have the correct signage featuring unmistakable instructions, you can help to ensure that health and safety procedures are followed.

Leave no doubt - The most common image used in our Authorised Persons Only signs is that of a person holding their hand towards to viewer in an obvious ‘stop’ motion. Even for those who cannot read the accompanying text - the message is clear thanks to the unmistakable image as well as the familiar red circle with a line through it. This symbol is widely used and meets the European Normative BS EN ISO 7010 legislation, meaning it’s universally easy to understand.

Safety Comes First

Inform of unsafe areas - Signs that restrict access are necessary to alert employees and visitors to areas they cannot enter; this is a safety precaution that must be adhered to for your business to comply with current guidelines.

Avoid accidents - In areas where there is a potential risk to the safety of those present, it is important to make people aware of any potential dangers in the area. Accident avoidance is a priority in all working environments, and the implementation of the correct signs will ensure your workforce can perform their duties in safety, knowing which areas contain potentially harmful machinery or materials. For example, the risk of electric shock in areas with high-voltage machinery could be greatly reduced by displaying one of our Danger High Voltage/No Admittance Signs in a clear and suitable location such as the entrance to the area.

Cover all bases - All businesses will be able to find something appropriate for their workforce within this range. Authorised Persons Only Signs can indicate a variety of warnings from risks posed by such things as dangerous chemicals, electrical power supplies and hazardous machinery as well as many others. When further information is required on signage, you may wish to consider our multi-message signs that can simultaneously warn of hazards, inform of correct procedures and provide instructions to the viewer.

Considering Security

Restrict access - It’s not always possible to keep restricted areas locked, especially when fire safety is considered. It’s therefore important that you are able to prevent visitors, members of the public and even unauthorised employees from entering areas where the security of your workplace can be put at risk. For example, computer server rooms, areas containing vaults or safes and even staff break areas and locker rooms should be kept secure and clearly.

Employees Only Signs are useful in terms of security – preventing customers and clients from drifting into the wrong area of a building or factory floor. Similarly, No Admittance Authorised Personnel Only Signs are ideal for instructing members of the public not to enter restricted areas. Advising members of the public to that the area is not accessible to them removes any doubt and can imply potential risks to their safety, causing them to think twice before entering.

Materials and Fixings

In the world of health and safety legislation, there are regular amendments and updates made, and we ensure all bases are covered so our customers are compliant with the latest changes.

Our wide range of materials, sizes and fixings mean that you have the freedom of choice to make sure your safety signs meet your exact standard. In fact, should you not find a sign that perfectly suits your needs you can use our Custom Safety Sign service to ensure the right message for your workplace. These can be tailored to include specific details pertaining to the health and safety needs of your business as well as including corporate logos and messages.

Not only are all of our signs great value for money, but they also meet current industry regulations, and are constructed from long-lasting, durable materials to make sure they last your site for years to come. Various Sign Fixings are available to secure the signage to the appropriate surface; including permanent, temporary and even temperature and chemical resistant options.

Best Practices for Placing Authorised Personnel Only Signs

When deciding where to place No Access signs or No Admittance signs, the most important thing to remember is visibility. Seton has introduced a range of innovative products with this in mind. Below are some of our most popular products:

  • Employees Only Highly Visible Mats are designed to be placed at entrances or in doorways to indicate restricted access. They are machine washable and come with a two-year warranty.

  • 360 Floor Stand Signs use an innovative rotary system, which features the ‘No Access’ pictogram eight times to ensure visibility from all directions. These signs will right themselves to a vertical position if they get knocked.

  • Nite-Glo Signs are designed to glow in the dark and to remain visible during power outages or after dark. They will remain illuminated for six hours once activated by a good light source.

  • Stanchion Signs are useful in outdoor situations, such as on access roads, car parks and construction sites, to limit access to authorised personnel.

Authorised Persons Only Signs and the Law

The law is clear that if a person is injured while on private property, or in an unauthorised area, the property owner or occupier could be held liable for their injury or death.

Warning signs help to prevent accidents and can also help to shift liability from a property owner to a visitor or trespasser if they are injured on the premises. Well-placed No Unauthorised Access signs, Restricted Access signs, or Staff Only signage demonstrate that you have taken reasonable steps to protect visitors or unauthorised personnel from risk.

There may also be areas of your worksite where access is restricted to trained or authorised employees only, for health and safety purposes. Our Authorised Personnel Only signs or No Admittance signs can be used to warn other employees not to enter the area.

The HSE has issued guidance to help employers and those who have responsibility for the control of workplaces to comply with the requirements for safety signage in the workplace under the Health and Safety Regulations 1996.