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Hard Hats

In terms of the human body, the head is obviously one of the most valuable assets and is critical to protect. Some of the most debilitating injuries such as head trauma and brain injury can result as a failure to protect the head. Seton can help employers meet the obligations they have to their employees and to meet legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Regulations. Have a look at our product guide to help you choose the right hard hat for your needs.

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Buying The Correct Protector Hats

In a number of workplaces, including construction and manufacturing industries, good head protection is vital to prevent injuries that could prove life changing or even fatal. Hard hats have a long established reputation for providing secure protection for the head, and in the range at Seton, you will find a number of options, so you can opt for the hard hat that best suits your site.

When working in a challenging environment, hard hats may need to be worn for long periods of time. As well as providing safety, hard hats need to be comfortable. The hard hats in the range at Seton have an adjustable fit, so the hard hat can be made comfortable for each wearer and prevent the slippage that could make the hard hat less effective. Good ventilation keeps the head at a comfortable temperature throughout the working day. Most include a harness to keep the hard hat securely on the head, even in windy conditions or when moving.

At Seton, we understand the importance of creating a range of products that can be useful across many different workplaces, and we aim to make our range as flexible as possible. A number of the hard hats make provision for the attachment of ear muffs for working in noisy environments, and visors, which can be found in our range of face shields.

All workplaces are required by law to protect their workers from hazards and this is particularly true in the demanding construction and manufacturing industries. Understanding the laws that need to be followed to keep your workers safe from accidents and injuries can often prove difficult, but at Seton, we aim to make the process easier. We check all of our products to ensure they comply with the relevant EU and UK safety legislation and will always be happy to provide advice on the best products for your workplace. While hazards may be best avoided, in some industries it is necessary to work in hazardous environments. In these circumstances, providing personal protective equipment, including hard hats, is a straightforward measure you can take to keep your employees’ risk of injury lower.

To provide complete protection for the whole body, you may need to use hard hats in conjunction with other protective gear. Protect from airborne particles using dust masks, and prevent damage to workers’ own clothing with coveralls or other items from our range of protective clothing.
In demanding environments, blows to the head may not always be avoidable, but with the use of hard hats, the long term or even fatal consequences can generally be avoided. The hard hats in the range at Seton all offer comfortable protection, giving you, your workforce and their families peace of mind.

Also, take a look at our bump caps which aren't as bulky as a hard hat but still provide protection.

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