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Traffic Cones

Need help? Need help? How to get the right Traffic Cone Heavy-Duty, High Visibility UK Traffic Cones - Low-Cost

Traffic cones are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment used in traffic management. They are a cost-effective way to promote the well-organized movement of traffic around your premises and increase safety for pedestrians and drivers. Seton has a large selection of traffic cones suitable for a variety of purposes.

Employers have a legal obligation to take effective steps to keep both employees and guests on their premises safe, and this needs to be taken into account when planning a traffic management strategy. Highway traffic cones are an essential part of this process and should not be overlooked. Our buying guide offers information on selecting cones based on their visibility, using them to display temporary signs and general cone safety.

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Road Cones as part of Your Traffic Management Strategy

Clear markings, instructions and wayfinding are central to a good traffic management strategy and traffic cones can be an important part of that. They can be used in many situations and are an ideal way of marking temporary hazards, such as road works or potholes. Traffic cones are also perfect to mark lanes, prevent parking or restrict access.

With such a range of uses, it is important to be flexible. There is no one-size-fits-all in workplaces, so we supply a variety of cones to suit many diverse needs. The portable nature of cones allows them to be repeatedly used in different circumstances, whenever the need arises. Choose from a range of designs to find the option that suits your requirements.

Plastic Cones for Durability and Visibility

Suitable to be placed in or out of doors, our traffic cones will be resistant to the elements. With a number of different materials available within our selection, all are robust enough to provide long lasting use. Additionally, many traffic cones have a weighted base to provide stability in adverse weather conditions.

We know safety is the most important issue for you when planning a traffic management strategy. To ensure cones are easy to see there are 3 levels of visibility to consider:

  • Level 1 - Traffic cones in a bright, eye-catching colour (traffic cones blue, green, red and yellow) for use indoors or where good light conditions will be present.

  • Level 2 - Traffic cones with a reflective element for use in adverse weather conditions or poor light.

  • Level 3 - Reflective cones used in conjunction with a safety light. These are ideal for use at night or when roadside workers are nearby.

Cone Signs for Temporary Messaging

Occasionally you might find it necessary to place temporary signs around your site due to roadworks or weather problems. A quick and easy way to do this is to attach a sign to a traffic cone. Our signs feature a number of regularly used symbols and can be customised subject to minimum order quantities.

Parking Cones and Car Park Safety

Cones should be one of the key elements of any traffic management strategy. Poorly managed vehicles can increase the risk of serious and even fatal accidents. Using cones in your outside spaces and car parks will instantly alert drivers and pedestrians of no go areas and minimise the chance of a mishap.

As one of the UK’s leading retailers of products for workplace safety, do not hesitate to contact Seton if you have any questions about which traffic management products will best suit your needs. We aim to provide complete peace of mind when you shop with us, and ensure our products comply with all the relevant UK and EU laws.

Traffic Cone Regulations In The UK

The use of road cones and other temporary traffic control devices is covered in The Traffic Signs (Temporary Obstructions) Regulations 1997. These cover the use of traffic cones and signs to ensure safety in areas where there are obstructions to be navigated by vehicle users, such as when work is taking place on a site, or when bad weather is causing temporary obstructions.

It is important to use cones, and other traffic warning signs, safely and correctly. Primarily, traffic cones are used as a warning when there is a temporary potential hazard, or to prevent vehicles from entering or parking in a temporarily restricted area. If you have an area on your business premises that requires long-term restrictions on parking, waiting or loading, you may need to add parking restriction signs to ensure that users are aware of the situation.

Using Traffic Cones To Mark Hazards

Road cones can be a good way to warn both pedestrians and motorists of temporary hazards, such as slippery or uneven surfaces, potholes or subsidence, or areas where potentially dangerous equipment is being used. If you are marking off a dangerous area, ensure that the equipment you use makes it clear how far the area extends. You can do this by using an adequate amount of traffic cones, or sometimes by using a retractable barrier between cones. Adding signs to warn of the nature of the hazard is always a good idea, when possible.

Remember to remove cones promptly when the hazard is no longer causing a danger. This is important because people will start to ignore cones if they are obviously no longer relevant, causing problems if the hazard reappears. For example, if cones are marking off an icy walkway, and the ice has clearly melted, pedestrians will cut through the cones and use the walkway. If it then refreezes, they may have become used to ignoring the cones, and continue to cut through, potentially causing a slip or fall.

What are the best road traffic cones for my business?

Here at Seton, we stock a range of traffic cones and accessories to enable you to find the right equipment to fit your circumstances. Here are a few of our parking cones and related products:

  • Tensabarrier® Tensacone Retractable Barrier Kit — This retractable barrier can be used to connect several cones, at distances of up to 3.65 metres, to form a clear barrier around a hazard or obstruction. It is simple to use, and ideal for construction or maintenance areas, or any larger temporary hazard.

  • JSP® Microlite™ Safety Lamp Bracket — This handy lamp bracket allows you to easily fit traffic cone lights to illuminate hazards and obstructions at night or in low-visibility conditions. High-quality traffic cone lights are also available, sold separately.

  • Keep Right Traffic Cone Sign — This sign fits onto any standard road cone to advise traffic to keep to the right. It provides an extra visual warning and is made from very tough and durable polypropylene, suitable for all weathers.

Here at Seton, we have a wide range of traffic cones and accessories from which to choose. If you have any questions, please call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.