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Metal Hasps

Need help? Need help? Find out the benefits of metal hasps Metal hasps play a vital role in maintaining good safety standards around hazardous equipment and serviced machinery, allowing them to be properly secured against unauthorised access or to prevent usage until the proper checks have been carried out by all necessary personnel.

Maintaining high safety standards is essential for good workplace management and to keep your company on the right side of the law. Accidents around hazardous areas and machinery can be avoided with an effective lockout-tagout system. Metal hasps are an essential part of this system, and there is a wide selection to be found in our lockout-tagout range.

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Lockout Metal Hasps: Buying Guide

Workplace safety is of paramount importance in all industries, but it can be particularly challenging in certain environments that involve hazardous substances, dangerous areas and heavy machinery. Using a lockout-tagout system is an effective way to manage the risks and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Metal hasps can be used to secure machinery, cabinets and lockout devices, allowing them to be secured by multiple personnel and only opened once all have declared it safe.

Our metal hasps are created from strong, highly durable material and are an integral part of any lockout procedure. They are made from a variety of materials, including types of steel and aluminium. All of these are designed for longevity and security, and are able to withstand attempts to force them open or other forms of tampering. Many have rust-proof qualities that allow them to withstand challenging conditions. Whether you need a metal hasp to secure levels, cupboards, fuse boxes or machinery, there is sure to be something in the range for you.

To make the metal hasps convenient for multiple users, there is space on them for several padlocks, so it is clear to see whether all checks have been performed. The range includes metal hasps that can be written on with further safety information and high-visibility lockout hasps. There is also a hasp that has an attached chain, which is ideal for doors and machinery. Some of the hasps have warnings written on them or include further information on how to manage the hazard.

Padlock and Hasp Options

You will find everything that you need to provide an effective lockout strategy for your workplace in our extensive categories. Take a look at our range of lockout safety padlocks which includes non-conductive plastic padlocks and metal padlocks, which are ideal for use with metal hasps, allowing all necessary personnel to have their own padlock. You can also provide further information on the hazards involved when carrying out maintenance and repair work on machinery with our extensive range of hazard warning signs.

Depending on the size of your work place you will want to consider the amount of lockout materials you will need to carry out an effective lockout procedure. We supply a comprehensive range of hasp lockout kits, each comes with different equipment for specific to general lockout situations. Most of the kits come with a variety of hasps, our electrical lockout kits which have mainly non-conductive materials also comes with plastic hasps, an excellent alternative to our metal devices should you need to secure electrically hazardous equipment.

A lockout-tagout safety system is a simple but effective way to reduce workplace accidents and avoid the potential lawsuits that could accompany them. It is also a sign of a well-managed workplace that demonstrates good care for its employees while also increasing workplace morale and impressing visitors. The good-quality metal hasps in the range are a small but vital part of this system.