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Need help? Need help? Remind staff that PPE is a life or death matter Remind workers and visitors that they should be wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with our range of Locker Signs. These signs are easily applied to lockers or other areas where PPE is stored and by placing these messages in the right locations, you can help to ensure that workers don’t take any unnecessary risks on your premises.

Reinforce safety standards - It’s one thing to supply the correct protective gear but it takes regular checks from both employer and employee to ensure their continued safety. These signs are ideal for communicating the recommended use and checks that should be performed on the safety equipment before being used.

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Placing Your Signs

It is very important to inform workers where they can find the PPE they need. Whether it’s arriving for a shift in a factory, laboratory or other hazardous environment, reminding your team of crucial safety precautions, such as donning eye protection or protective footwear.

These signs can be quickly affixed to lockers, walls or the entrances to locker rooms by using the self-adhesive option or you could use one of our great range of Sign Fixings, such as magnetic strips which allow easy fixing to metal cupboards.

Ideally these messages would be communicated before a worker leaves the locker area. A simple message, like that found on our ‘Personal Protective Equipment Stored Here’ Sign can be a good start. This sign can be easily fixed to the relevant locker or cupboard so workers can immediately find what they need.

For a stronger message you may want to consider our ‘Personal Protective Equipment Must Be Worn’ Sign. This landscape format sign not only features a clear, simple instruction, but also contains the widely-recognised image of an exclamation mark in a circle. Even if the words are not immediately understood, the viewer knows there is a health and safety consideration in the area.

Another good idea is to have a prominent sign attached to the inside of the locker room door. A notice such as our ‘Don't Forget To Wear Your Personal Protective Equipment’ Sign can be a great final reminder to staff members leaving the room. Even if they have not taken notice of signs in other parts of the locker room, they will see this and will have no excuse if they fail to comply.

Keeping People and Equipment Safe

Safety is paramount - Sometimes you also have to remind people why they need the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Thought-provoking messages, such as those found on our ‘Your Family Needs You – Wear Your PPE’ Signs, offer a clear message that not wearing the right protective clothing could cause you to have an accident.

Depending on the environment, an accident In the workplace could be potentially fatal and most injuries can be easily prevented by ensuring the correct safety procedures are followed. PPE was developed for a reason and staff should know there are personal as well as professional consequences if they ignore the warnings.

Keeping equipment in good condition - Once the correct PPE has been issued to staff, it is up to them to ensure they keep it in good condition and inform you if they need anything replaced.

Our ‘Ensure Your PPE Is In Acceptable Condition And Is Fit For Purpose’ Sign can help ensure that employees are fully aware it is their responsibility to keep you informed if an item needs to be replaced. For example, Safety Boots that have been worn for several years and are starting to degrade will not meet the required standards. This safety sign will remind workers to request a replacement as and when appropriate.

Take a look at the other safety signage in our range for other dangerous areas in the workplace.

Materials and Fixings

Though our self-adhesive fixing is very popular for Locker Signs, every workplace has different requirements. Check out our full range of Sign Fixings and see which will be best for you to ensure that your Safety Signs remain in place for years to come.

We also have a wide range of durable materials to choose from, with options for permanent or temporary signs for use both indoors or out. Furthermore, our custom sign service is a great option in the event that you can’t find precisely the right message or image that you need on your signs.