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Defibrillator Signs

If you have emergency medical equipment on site, then it is important that it can be quickly and easily found. The easiest way of achieving this is through the use of clear signage. Our defibrillator signs are available in a range of sizes and materials, making them suitable for use in any number of areas, both indoors and out.

Take a look at our range of sign fixings where you will find products suitable for mounting your sign indoors and outdoors.

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AED Signs: Buying Guide

If a defibrillator is needed, then time is of the essence. The time taken to provide treatment can quite literally make the difference between life and death. Ensure that employees and visitors can be easily helped in an emergency by clearly pointing the way to the necessary first aid equipment. The clear lettering and easily recognisable heart symbol on our defibrillator signs will ensure the equipment can be located quickly when needed.

There are a number of options to ensure that you get the correct sign for your premises. These include signs suitable for fixing to windows and floors, as well as double-sided signs designed for hanging in locations such as corridors.

Ensure that your essential, life-saving equipment can be located even in dim lighting with our photoluminescent signs. Choose from wall mounted or projecting 3D versions for extra visibility. These signs are designed to glow in the dark once activated by a good light source.

Our range of defibrillator signs also includes guidance safety signs – these provide step-by-step instructions on using an AED.

We also stock a range of signs that can be quickly and easily updated at any time by simply printing out new details to insert into the sign.

The use of a defibrillator is thankfully rare, but all of our defibrillator signs are designed to be durable, so if the occasion arises, this essential emergency equipment can be easily located. Use these signs in conjunction with first aid location signs so that any other necessary medical equipment can also be swiftly obtained.

As a defibrillator is best used by a trained operator, ensure that a qualified person can be easily found by using our trained AED users sign.

The use and design of signage for emergency equipment is covered by UK and EU health and safety legislation and you can shop with confidence at Seton. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of workplace signs and equipment, we ensure that all of our products comply with current UK and EU legislation.

We are confident that we have provided a comprehensive range of defibrillator signs in different options to suit a wide variety of workplace needs. However, we recognise that all work premises are different, so if you cannot find exactly what you require then we can create a custom-sign that is specific to you and your business.

Keeping employees and visitors safe is an essential part of good workplace management and using our extensive range of signs and equipment goes some way toward this. Display the defibrillator signs around your workplace to provide peace of mind for all of your workers and visitors.