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Emergency Exit Buttons

Need help? Need help? Which emergency exit button do you need? UK's Best Emergency Exit Buttons - Fast Delivery

Emergencies are, by their nature, unexpected situations that arise suddenly and demand immediate attention. This does not mean that it is impossible to plan for them or to have smart solutions in place to handle any unexpected issues that might occur.

Modern technology makes it easier than ever to ‘future-proof’ against the mundane and the exceptional alike. Tools such as fire doors or an emergency door release can help take office safety to a new level and keep staff as protected as possible regardless of the circumstances. Taking decisive action now can help safeguard the days ahead.

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The Right Emergency Exit Buttons For The Modern Workplace

Use the right safety tools

One of the most frightening aspects of emergencies is the uncertainty that surrounds them. With no idea about what exactly might occur, it becomes critically important to have a thorough safety strategy in place, as well as the right tools to help mitigate potential problems. Because it is impossible to plan for every single possibility, however, a practical approach is to focus concern upon the most common workplace emergencies that threaten both professional and personal wellbeing, such as fire, flooding or inclement weather.

A comprehensive risk assessment is a good place to start. Take note of the property in question and determine what hazards are present and what the fallout from emergencies might be. For many businesses, fire is a top concern because seemingly small mistakes or errors of judgement can often be fatal. Workplace additions such as easily identifiable emergency exit buttons can help to significantly reduce damage to people and property.

  • Professionally designed emergency exit buttons help to eliminate confusion during chaotic moments by presenting users with a clear call to action.

  • A manual call point is a tried-and-trusted way to alert building inhabitants to an emergency regardless of the size of the structure.

  • A fire door alarm is an effective way to deter employees or visitors from making an unauthorised exit via a fire door. It is also a useful security device in the event of an unauthorised person entering via a fire exit.

We are dedicated to keeping you safe and protected via a carefully selected emergency exit switch that is designed to last.

Benefits of using an emergency door release call point

While some employees are likely to know their way around the workplace, it is important to recognise that not everyone will. In fact, some might struggle to remember where the emergency exit is located in the midst of chaos, particularly if the disaster includes smoke or something else that impairs vision or affects cognitive function. Alarms provide these employees with a safe, reliable navigational tool.

In addition to offering an instantly recognisable and powerful alert, an emergency door release call point is a straightforward method of communicating an emergency response without taking time or even much forethought to accomplish. It can be triggered easily and reflexively, keeping employees safe even when they are not thinking clearly.

Top three emergency switches

Targeted protection is important when it is time to develop a comprehensive strategy to boost workplace safety even in the face of disaster. Opting for a simple, easy-to-use solution to spread emergency alerts throughout the office is a great way to boost overall safety.

In addition to the above, we have collected three of our best-selling emergency exit equipment options for your consideration.

1.Also known as a break glass call point, a manual call point contains an emergency door release switch that becomes activated on breaking the glass. The terminal comes with a key to reset the switch and replacement glass can be purchased separately.

2.Emergency exit buttons are ideal for emergency use, offering an easy way to react to threats while on the move.

3.An exit switch is another smart choice to make calling for help a straightforward process.