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Construction Site Prohibition Signs

Need help? Need help? Why restrictions on your site save lives What not to do - Advising staff, contractors and visitors of prohibited behaviours and access routes on your site should be a priority. By providing easy to understand messages you can help to ensure the ongoing safety of those on your site.

Apart from ensuring you are compliant with current laws and regulations, you can use Construction Site Prohibition Signs for clearly stating what is not allowed on the premises, and making sure directions stay visible, even in dimly lit areas or complete darkness.

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Clear Safety Messages

Highly visible information - Typically, these signs will always have a clearly-defined contrast between the background and foreground colours, which makes them easy to spot in dimly-lit areas. Our photoluminescent options can even be seen in complete darkness, since they have been designed to keep glowing even if all power is cut from the construction site. This should be enough to immediately catch the attention of anyone who may be unclear of the clears.

Leave no doubts - In construction site environments, certain areas are often more dangerous than others. This is why people, especially visitors or members the public unfamiliar with the site, need to be notified of these dangers. By using signs that feature simple and clear instructions you ensure the best safe working practices are followed with ease.

Safety should be simple - For example, there may be areas that are intended only for authorised personnel to enter. Our ‘No Unauthorised Access’ Construction Signs offer a clear warning to those who may not know the site, serving to notify them of the dangers so they won't be jeopardising their health or safety.

Prevent Accidents

Act before it’s too late - Prohibition signs are extremely effective at preventing accidents and notices such as our ‘No Entry’ Construction Signs and ‘No Pedestrians’ Construction Signs are some of the clearest ways you can indicate potentially dangerous areas. By ensuring that everyone is made aware of the dangers you are taking significant steps to prevent an accident from occurring to begin with.

Unseen dangers - Some risks aren’t always as apparent as rubble or scaffolded areas. There may be flammable or explosive materials present on the construction site, that even when safely out of view could still pose a threat should passers-by be careless with cigarettes or lighters. Our ‘Danger Highly Flammable/No Smoking’ Stanchion Sign can deter such actions thanks to the widely recognised warning symbols and clear messages.

These types of signs are especially useful when combined with other construction signs, such as Hazard Warning Signs. Generally, the more information you can provide on what types of dangers are associated with certain activities, the less likely it is that someone will attempt to perform them, regardless of the warning. Therefore, discover our other safety signs to ensure that your workplace has the correct signage. You can also check out our other Prohibition Signs for other areas in the workplace.

Meeting Legislation

Set high standards - Making sure that your site conforms to current legislation is part of a good health and safety procedure. All of our signs comply with current UK and EU laws and help you to meet the Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. In addition to keeping your employees and visitors safe, displaying safety signs helps to protect yourself from litigation by clearly informing of the risks.

Part of a total safety policy - By displaying these signs alongside others, such as Construction Site Information Signs you provide a safer working environment for everyone. They also have the added bonus of giving your employees confidence that their welfare is a priority, in turn leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

Materials and Fixings

Only the best materials - Seton provide the best quality Safety Signs, all of which comply to the latest industry standards and safety regulations. Our signs are available in a choice of sizes and hardwearing materials including Correx, a tough, impact-resistant polypropylene board - ideal for construction environments. Being lightweight and easy to affix, Correx signs are also ideal for use as temporary signage.

Everything you require - Should you find that our range of signs does not offer exactly what you're looking for, feel free to check out our Custom Site Safety Sign tool, which can be used to design your own bespoke signs featuring any image, symbol and text your require.

Keep your signs seen - Various Sign Fixings are available to help you secure the signage to the appropriate surface; including permanent, temporary and even temperature and chemical resistant options.