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Construction Site Access Signs

Need help? Need help? How to keep construction sites safe? Safeguard everyone on site - It's a widely-known fact that a construction site can be quite a dangerous place. As such, it's essential to put up Construction Site Access Signs, which serve a clear purpose of communicating the rules that are in effect. Not only will they keep your employees, visitors and the public safer, but they’ll help to ensure that you are meeting current legislation.

These signs are the ideal way to inform your workers of the safety procedures that should be followed and how they can stay safe during their working day. Furthermore they can be used as a security measure to help ensure that access is restricted to specific areas.

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Protecting your Site

Security considerations - You may want to protect your assets by displaying construction signs that discourage any kind of unauthorised access. Construction Site Access Signs make it clear who can access the premises. Generally, these would be workers or someone who has some type of business on the site. Our ‘All Visitors Report to Site Office’ Signs make it obvious that members of the public are not to roam the site by themselves.

It’s a good idea to complement these notices with Security Signs that will let everyone know that you're taking certain security measures to protect your property, such as guard dogs, alarms or CCTV cameras. Furthermore you can help to restrict the movement of vehicles around your site by using one of our range of Vehicle and Site Navigation Signs.

These types of signs serve not only to discourage trespassers from attempting access, but also to prevent the public from wandering into an area that is especially dangerous. A notice such as our ‘Safety Helmets Must Be Worn’ Sign makes it clear that only those with access to protective equipment should be entering the area.

Informing your Workers

Enforce safe working practices - Aside from conveying information to members of the public, Construction Site Access Signs can also help to make inform your workers of how to safely perform their duties. For example, you may want your staff to close the main gates when their shift is over to ensure the site is safely secured. A ‘Close These Gates at Night’ Sign is an ideal reminder for them to follow this simple safety precautions.

Some Construction Site Access Signs include several warnings and instructions. These multi-message signs are ideal for where warnings are required as well as being able to inform of actions that should and should not be taken. Our ‘Danger Construction Work in Progress’ Multi Message Sign is an great example of such a notice, as it warns of construction work in progress, prohibits unauthorised access and smoking on site and instructs all visitors to report to reception.

Safety Legislation

Your obligation - As an employer, you have a legal duty to guarantee the best possible safety conditions on your site. Construction Site Access Signs play a vital role in achieving that goal, since they make sure that everyone is notified of the potential dangers and informs of the correct procedures to follow.

How we can help - As part of helping you meet the required standard, all of our signs are designed in such a way that you can easily notice them from afar, since they have a clearly defined contrast between the foreground and the background colours. They are perfectly visible, even in dimly lit areas or complete darkness.

To make sure they will serve you for years to come, they are built from a range of industry standard materials that are fully compliant with the laws and regulations.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of workplace safety signs and equipment, we at Seton make sure that all of our products comply with the EU and UK health and safety legislation, giving you peace of mind.

Materials and Fixings

Ultimate flexibility - Our signs are available in a range of different materials many of which are suitable both indoors and outdoors, ideal for displaying anywhere on a construction site.

We also have a wide range of Sign Fixings available allowing you to position your signs wherever you require. If however, you cannot find the sign you require for a particular situation, we also have custom sign services in place that let you create your own signs, custom-made to your preferences.