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Winter Safety Equipment

Need help? Need help? How do you prepare for extreme weather conditions? Top Rated Winter Safety Equipment, Free Fast Delivery

Being prepared for adverse weather is essential as there is a greater chance of hazards such as slips, trips and falls. Weather elements such as ice, snow and floods increase this risk especially on roads and pavements.

Before winter arrives, action must be taken to reduce the risk of accidents for pedestrians and motor vehicles. Our range of high quality ice and snow products suit a variety of different needs. You can use a range of de-icers and white rock salt to prevent hazards occurring in freezing temperatures. We also stock a vast amount of flood control products such as sandbags which prevent costly damages to your business or home.

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Ice & Snow Equipment: Buying Guide

Ice, snow and floods can cause severe disruption, especially for businesses. Health and safety within the workplace needs to be considered in order to be compliant with current legislation. Extra caution should be taken during winter as treacherous conditions increase the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Unpredictable changes in weather can lead to flash flooding which causes many issues that can be quite costly to put right. However, having the appropriate supplies on-site can prevent emergencies and can allow your business to deal with adverse weather more efficiently.

Snow and Ice Equipment : Your Options Explained

When choosing weather control equipment, it is necessary to calculate the size of the area that needs to be cleared of snow and ice.

Gritting or salting your business premises before adverse weather arrives prevents ice from forming, as white rock salt lowers the temperature that water freezes at. When ice and snow is forecast, you should put down a thin layer of de-icing rock salt or grit before it settles and creates potentially hazardous situations. De-icers work in temperatures as low as -15°C which reduces the risk of disasters in the workplace. We have a wide range of de-icers and rock salts that suit every need, no matter how much or little you require.

If you would like the ability to clear snow from car parks, driveways and footpaths with ease, investing in a snow plough would be worth considering. In wintry conditions snow ploughs have the ability to clear snow rapidly, which reduces the amount of restrictions to businesses, schools and roads. They are easy to use at a moment’s notice which makes them ideal for unexpected snowy weather. For smaller locations our standard one-man snowploughs would be the right choice for you. However, if you have a larger site that is prone to frequent snowfall our heavy-duty snowploughs would be more suitable.

Having the appropriate supplies during winter is crucial. Winter kits provide you with all the essential resources needed to keep even the largest car parks open and protect them from ice and snow. These kits are particularly useful as they feature various equipment such as hazardous signs, de-icing salt, grit bins and other useful items that will keep your employees and visitors safe.

It is also important to consider motor vehicles during wintry weather. Our vehicle kits provide you with all the necessities that you would need in the event of an emergency. You can choose from kits that have all the vital equipment you need, to more basic kits that are ideal for everyday use.


How should de-icing rock salt and grit be stored?

Investing in a grit bin will protect your de-icing materials from the elements. Storing them correctly is essential as the products will become less effective when unsheltered - it is always best to use dry salt to ensure maximum performance. Our grit bins will allow you to store a large amount of materials. This will enable you to be prepared for any situation, no matter how big or small.

How do I prepare for extreme weather conditions?

Preparing for adverse weather conditions such as ice, snow and floods will prevent you from being caught out. Monitoring weather conditions on a regular basis will allow you to take action. If wintry conditions are forecast in your area, you can use our products such as rock salt, snow shovels and winter kits to help reduce slips, trips and falls. However, if flood warnings are issued you can use our flood prevention barriers and sandbags around the entrance of your property to reduce any potential damage.