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First Aid Cabinets

Need help? Need help? What are the benefits of buying a first aid cabinet? Having equipment in a first aid supply cabinet where it is safe, visible and easily accessible can save time in an emergency and help first aiders and authorised personnel quickly find the equipment they need. Keeping first aid cabinet supplies locked away can help deter misappropriation of equipment and also ensure the items are organised for easier stock rotation and reordering. Locating a cabinet in your workplace can also protect the first aid inventory from moisture, dust and other environmental hazards.

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First Aid Wall Cabinet Buying Guide

Seton offers a range of first aid storage cabinets which are available stocked with first aid equipment for instant British Standard compliance, or empty and ready to be filled with the supplies you need for your workplace. Some of the cabinets in our range are specifically for safe storage of defibrillators while the majority have been designed for storing general first aid supplies or use as a first aid kit cabinet. Our metal cabinets are a popular choice as they are particularly robust.

You can find larger free standing first aid cupboards in our range. Designed to store a larger volume of first aid equipment, these units are available with see through panels so that essential first aid is easily visible. They are ideal when you need to store a large volume of first aid items and can accommodate bulkier items such as blankets or multiple first aid kits. Most come with adjustable shelves so you can can change the configuration to arrange your items accordingly. Another advantage is that the free standing cabinets do not need to be wall mounted so can be placed wherever there is space to accommodate them.

If space is at a premium then first aid cube lockers could be the ideal solution for you. These units are available in three different sizes and are ideal to slot into any space available such as under desks or shelves. A versatile option, they are stackable and can also be wall mounted, providing lockable first aid storage with a removable key.

Most of the first aid cabinets in our range come with multiple shelves or compartments making it simple to organise the different items such as plasters and bandages. Most of the cabinets and wall boxes have transparent doors or covers and this makes it easier to see what's missing and reorder when necessary.

If you need a cabinet already fully stocked with first aid products there are various solutions which can take away the hassle of buying storage and equipment separately. Bear in mind though that filling up an empty first aid cabinet should be based on your workplace requirements and the result of a risk assessment of first aid needs. For the catering and food industry a cabinet is available stocked with blue bandages and plasters and burn relief equipment. Alternatively our standard stocked cabinet is for more general use, comes with the equivalent of a British Standard first aid kit, is lockable and displays the universal first aid symbol. We also offer cabinets with eye wash supplies which have been designed for chemical or industrial environments. For more options to treat eye wash injuries in the workplace you might want to take a look at our Emergency Showers and Eye Wash category.

If you need to store expensive defibrillator equipment there are products available which can provide secure housing and options that are water resistant. There is even the option of having a cabinet which is alarmed to alert the surrounding area of access.