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Pressure Washers

Need help? Need help? How convenient is your Pressure Washer? User-Friendly & Top Quality Pressure Washers

Getting something properly cleaned often takes a little more than a standard hosepipe and water — pressure washers certainly do the job quickly and efficiently.
If you need your company’s vehicles and premises cleaned, speed is often of the essence. The last thing you need is for the job to take longer than necessary. With the help of a pressure washer, everything can be gleaming in minimal time. Equipment such as the Karcher Spray Extraction Machine that ensures the appearance of exteriors and equipment will be improved and staff time will be saved while maintaining sparkling surfaces thanks to high-quality cleaning processes.

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Pressure washers offer users robust cleaning solutions when elbow grease or regular hoses will not suffice. These devices can handle the toughest grime and you’ll be astonished by the high-quality results. What’s more is they are faster and more efficient at getting those tough jobs finished, saving you and your staff time and effort. Newer pressure washers have been specifically designed to be compact, so you can use them in a variety of situations due to being portable and lightweight. Whether you are cleaning vehicles, workshops, or equipment, you can rest assured knowing that you have the cleaning solution to ensure that these will be spotless in no time at all.

The biggest safety hazard with pressure washers is caused by the speed and intensity of the water that is being sprayed. This can be controlled by the nozzle, placed at the tip of the wand of the washer. An adjustable nozzle is more suitable rather than a replaceable head as it allows you to conveniently interchange between pressures without the hassle of changing the whole nozzle. Our Karcher Pressure Washer Triple Nozzle will allow your pressure washing experience to be both safer and easier.

The Karcher HD Pressure Washer is a cold-water washer that is compact in design with a convenient carry handle to help you get it from place to place without too much effort. The washer features an easy-press pressure gun with a rotating lance. The power cable and hose are high grades and the unit can store all the accessories on board so that they can be easily accessed when it is being used. The user also has the option of using the pressure washer in vertical or horizontal positions.

The Karcher SG 4/4 Dry Steam Cleaner allows for excellent steam cleaning results so you can avoid the use of chemicals. The pressure of the steam can be adjusted to four different intensities and it can be used domestically as well as commercially. The pressure washer unit has a two-tank system, with the water heating very quickly and the efficiency of the unit ensuring that there are no dips in performance while it is in use.