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Sanitary Bins & Liners

In any organisation, cleanliness is something that is high on the agenda, and sourcing the best items for cloakrooms is essential. You will find our selection of high-quality sanitary bins; washroom items and baby-changing products will supply everything you need for comfortable and hygienic facilities. Pleasant and well-stocked ladies’ washrooms are most welcoming to the user, and a discreet hands-free sanitary or nappy bin is an essential part of this arrangement. Being narrow, it will fit neatly in the toilet cubical, and it is slim enough not to intrude too much when conveniently placed at a baby changing station.

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Sanitary Disposal Bins: Buying Guide

In a commercial or public setting, school, hospital or any other working space, it will be essential for you to place corridor washroom signs to direct people to toilet and baby changing areas. If such areas have any hint of untidiness or create the impression of being unhygienic, it will damage the reputation of the organisation.

Tucked carefully into the cloakroom cubicles, the elegant, slimline sanitary bin makes an ideal addition. It is made from easy-to-clean polypropylene. This disposal unit features a pedal mechanism, which means that hands do not need to touch it when disposing of either nappies or feminine hygiene products. In this way, a safe and hygienic means of operation is provided, and the chances of any cross-contamination are cut out.

The bin is as simple and convenient to use as possible since the opening is large enough to accommodate even nappies. The swing flap hides the contents, while unwanted odours are kept to a minimum.

Line the bin using swing bin liners, and in the cubicle, provide the necessary sanitary towel bags. This will ensure that all the necessary care is provided, and waste is disposed of with the utmost convenience.

A simple sign used as a reminder, such as "do not flush sanitary products," will help to make sure that waste is disposed of correctly and will spare you all sorts of problems. Drainage systems are simply not designed to cope with such debris, and blockages occur because the debris can never dissolve. Personal products, nappies and wipes cannot be flushed and may even be dumped separately, particularly when collected in quantity as in public high-traffic zones. Providing sanitary bins for feminine care products will ensure hassle-free disposal. Remember also to place such a bin in disabled toilet facilities; this takes careful planning to ensure that everything is within reach and items such as hand sanitiser are at an accessible height.

Every consideration should be given to making female washrooms a pleasant place in which to freshen up. Keeping the washroom clean and sweet-smelling will make it a place that people will not mind visiting again. Provide air freshener dispensers or aerosol cans, and, of course, you will need hand wash or sanitiser.

Every consideration should also be given if you have installed a baby-changing wall unit with a corresponding bin. While very convenient, this kind of station can cause unwanted odours to arise. This is where the pedal-operated lid, which always closes after every use, is the option of choice. There are many great cleaning products available. You will be able to rest assured that this most important area will be everything that it should be, and give a lasting good impression of your establishment.