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Construction Site Fire Exit & Assembly Signs

Need help? Need help? Is every escape point marked across your site? Ensure safety in an emergency - It’s important for any location to have clearly visible Construction Site Fire Exit & Assembly Signs to help ensure that everyone is able to escape the danger as quickly as possible to make sure that no one gets hurt. This is especially crucial on a construction site where the routes to safety may not be obvious to workers, visitors or members of the public.

These signs serve an important purpose of visibly marking the quickest path to the nearest exit and illuminating all escape routes, making them visible in dimly-lit areas or even complete darkness. Furthermore, they help to make sure the construction site stays compliant with safety laws and regulations.

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Clearly Visible Signage

Knowing your exits - Construction sites can be busy places, having quality Construction Site Fire Exit & Assembly Signs is important to ensure chaos does not ensue in the event of a fire.

Our signs are designed to be easily noticeable, since there is a stark contrast between the background and foreground colours. Even if the power goes out, their visibility will remain unaffected. Making sure people on your site always have a clear concept of where the nearest escape route is located should be one of your top priorities.

Display your signs in the correct place - By displaying your signs in the most suitable locations you can ensure that they remain perfectly visible at all times, even in dimly-lit areas or complete darkness. To make sure that the sign will remain in place, feel free to look at our Sign Fixings that we designed especially for that purpose.

Generally, there are two types of fire safety signs used in construction environments: those that are point in the direction of the exit, and those indicating a fire assembly point.

The purpose of Fire Exit Signs is to show the nearest exit in case of an emergency, such as with our ‘Fire Exit Arrow Left’ Construction Signs. As these use the internationally-recognised symbol for emergency exits, speakers of different languages will be able to understand it without issue. Ensuring these arrow type signs point to the clearest, most accessible route for escape is something to consider before displaying each one in a particular location

These signs can be further supplemented with one or more of our Assembly Point Signs, such as our ‘Visitor Assembly Point’ Construction Signs. By placing these at the designated area it can help to ensure the people on your site know they have reached a safe area and that the threat to their safety is reduced.

Meeting Regulations

A full fire risk assessment should be carried out in every workplace. This of course includes construction sites where the safety of workers and visitors is a top priority. Based on the findings of the assessment, employers are required to ensure that adequate fire safety measures are in place to minimise the risks in the event of a fire.

In most cases, this will require you to display fire exit signs and may require the use of other Fire Safety Equipment such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarms & Detectors or Escape & Evacuation Equipment. By ensuring people can escape a fire situation quickly and efficiently, firefighters are going to have a much easier time dealing with the flames, since there won't be anyone who's trapped on the premises. The quicker they can deal with the problem, the less damage there will be.

Not only will this ensure you are prepared should the worst occur, but it also has the added benefit of having everyone feel much more comfortable on site. Knowing that their welfare is being catered for is something that contributes to greater employee satisfaction. While this is not often emphasised, it's an important factor that determines how your employees are going to feel about you.

Superior Materials

Our Construction Signs can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, colours and materials. For example, our Banner Signs such as our ‘Exit Running Man Right’ Banner Signs are very large and made from a high quality 500gsm PVC making them ideal for use on construction sites and at events.

If you are unable to find the Safety Sign that you require in our current range please contact us. Our custom sign service can help you create a custom sign to meet your specific requirements and can include any images, text or symbols you need.