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Spill Kit Granules

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Spill kit absorbent granules are an essential element of all worksite spill kits, and every worksite where there is a potential for spills should have a well-equipped spill kit in case of an emergency. Depending on the risks and hazards present in a specific worksite, certain types of spill kit absorbent granules will be needed. Seton has a full range of granules to choose from so that all of the specific needs of your worksite are catered for.

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Spill Kit Buying Guide

Spill control is an essential element of workplace safety as industrial spills can be extremely dangerous. Chemical and fuel spills can prove extremely dangerous both to employees currently at the site and to the worksite and machinery itself. However, even small spills of water can prove to be a hazard as they can cause dangerous slips and falls.

The HSE has a series of guidelines and resources for emergency planning, risk assessment and spill control. It is essential to perform a full workplace risk assessment, pinpoint areas where a spill is possible, and place spill kit equipment accordingly.

It is also essential to ensure that all workers are trained in what to do in the event of a workplace spill and that they understand the various safety equipment and PPE that are required in the event of an industrial spill.

It is important to remember that every worksite, office and workplace can experience spills. Even if most of the time these are water spills, they still pose a hazard and a liability as they can cause potentially dangerous slips and falls. The HSE has a number of guidelines to follow in regard to slips and trips in the workplace and how to manage spills, wet floors and tripping hazards at any worksite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of spill kit granules do I need?

Clay absorbent – clay granules are fast-acting and are also chemically inert, which means that they can absorb liquids efficiently, regardless of the types of chemicals involved. Clay granules are ideal oil absorbent granules, and they can conveniently be used on public roads and highways. Our Safety Tread clay absorbent is also highly efficient – a single 30L bag can absorb 12.8L of diesel.

Powder absorbent granules – these granules are up to 30 times more absorbent than clay granules and are ideal for using on any surface. Our Powder Absorbent Granules are ideal oil spill absorbent powder as they can be used for oil, petrol and diesel. Aside from hydrofluoric acid, they are also suited to most chemicals such as alkalis, anti-freeze, paints, polymers, herbicides and solvents. You can opt for our Powder Absorbent Granules and Spill Control Document Holder kit to ensure that you will always have important spill control documents handy in the event of an emergency.

Flame-retardant sorbent granules – wood fibre is a great option for all spill types, and it is also an environmentally friendly spill absorbent granule as it is made from recycled soft wood dust. Our E-sorb Flame-Retardant Sorbent Granules are also great for roads, transport services and airports as they neutralise flammable chemicals and can be easy disposed of afterwards. E-sorb granules are very versatile and are suited to all spill types, making them great for industrial worksites where chemical absorbent granules are also needed.

Water absorbent granules – every workplace, office or retail floor has the potential for a water spill, and it is important that these spills are dealt with quickly to avoid any trips or falls for which you could be liable. Some workplaces may also need spill kit granules for other liquids such as blood, vomit or beverages. Our SpillKill Super Absorbent Powder is ideal for such spills as it instantly absorbs and cleans the spill, and it also has anti-bacterial properties that ensure that up to 99% of bacteria are killed when the powder is applied to an area. This versatile powder is also non-slip, safe to use around food, and extremely absorbent.

Do spill kit granules expire?

Spill kit granules have a shelf life of roughly five years and should be replaced if they have not yet been used. Some granules will degrade more quickly than others, so it is important to inspect them regularly to ensure that they have not degraded. It is also important to store spill kits in dry areas, away from direct sunlight and large temperature fluctuations. If spill kit granules are not stored properly, their lifespan will be reduced, as will their efficacy.