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Material handling can be one of the biggest causes of injury in the workplace. If you have a need to move goods around your site on a daily basis, a manually-powered truck will protect staff by lightening the load and reducing the number of trips taken.

Seton can provide handling equipment suitable for a range of tasks, including the multi-purpose platform truck which will transport all manner of items from one point to another with the minimum of fuss. Whatever truck you choose our high-quality solutions are sure to improve efficiency and safety in your workplace.

To find out more about how trucks can be used for your material handling needs, read our buying guide below.

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Industrial Trucks in the Workplace

It’s often thought that apparatus such as trucks and trolleys are only really needed in industrial locations. Whilst it is true that many sites of this type, including factories and warehouses, use manually-powered handling equipment, they are by no means the only workplaces that can benefit from them. Trucks are an easy way to lighten loads and increase efficiency, and can be employed anywhere that goods need to be moved. If you’re looking to optimise your operations, adding a truck to the equipment you have is a simple way of making a big difference.

Whether you choose a simple platform truck to move boxes or a mesh sided truck to add stability when transporting variably-shaped items, you’ll be amazed how much easier your work can become.

Industrial trucks are perfect for those on a budget. They cost virtually nothing per use, yet have a hugely positive impact on your working practices.

Platform Trucks and Other Handling Solutions

Seton can supply a full range of platform trucks in a variety of styles, including both enclosed and open-sided options. Our premier platform trucks, for example, feature removable side and end panels on a durable welded frame. For increased loads, we can also supply a steel platform truck perfect for heavy duty use. To complement our selection of trucks, a range of trolleys is also available. This includes folding trolleys for easy storage and shelving trolleys that offer extra space.

For situations when wet or dirty goods need to be transported, or if extra support is required, we have a selection of container or storage trucks. These include a range of heavy duty trucks with or without mesh sides that are specially made to carry large scale storage containers. All trucks of this type are waterproof and suitable for use in medical facilities and the hospitality sector. Many options, such as the nesting trucks, are manufactured from food grade polyethylene and can be used as recycling or waste receptacles.

For maximum manoeuvrability and steering, our range of heavy duty turntable trucks can transport considerable loads through tight corners, thanks to their flexible chassis and T-bar towing. These are available in flatbed models with low sides in steel or timber or mesh sides that incorporate a lift out gate for ease of access.

Small-scale folding box trucks can be used to carry lightweight items around industrial sites and offices alike. A canvas bag attachment can be added to create a mobile tool station perfect for light maintenance around your site.

Seton can also supply a range of material handling equipment suitable for specialist applications. When moving large items, a roll pallet will be invaluable and our selection of sack trucks will make transporting everything from furniture to fridges much, much easier.