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Chemical Labels

Complying with health and safety rules when dealing with chemical products is an essential business consideration. Volatile and dangerous substances pose great risks to staff, visitors and customers. Furthermore, chemical safety awareness in the workplace helps reduce environmental hazards such as fire, explosion or contamination.

Mitigate these hazards with our chemical safety labels. Clear, concise labelling provides key safety information for handling harmful substances or operating nearby. This inexpensive solution informs employees and visitors about the chemicals in your workplace and is health and safety compliant. Labels are versatile, customisable and they can be affixed to a variety of different surfaces. To find out more about chemical warning labels and how to use them, read our buying guide.

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Chemical Warning Labels: Buying Guide

Across various industries, companies of all shapes and sizes rely on chemical substances or products in their business operations. Health and safety protocol must comprehensively address this range of materials. Chemical safety in the workplace is essential to protect all employees, visitors and customers from any accidents involving dangerous substances. It will also prevent damage to the workplace by minimising the misuse or mishandling of hazardous materials. Displaying clear and concise information around your site where chemicals are being stored or worked with is a major part of the provisions you must make.

Chemical Labels for Flammable, Corrosive and Toxic Substances

Chemicals often have characteristics that make them unstable or highly reactive. As such, the inherent properties of these substances will make them particularly dangerous. One common trait amongst such materials is flammability, and fire hazards must always be taken very seriously in the workplace. Make sure your employees, visitors and customers understand which chemicals pose a fire risk with our Flammable Symbol - Vinyl Safety Labels On-a-Roll. These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on a variety of surfaces.

Supplement awareness of chemical characteristics with information regarding the corresponding handling procedures, appropriate to each substance. Depending on the characteristics of the ingredients, substances may react harmfully with organic and non-living matter. Raise awareness of these dangers with our Warning Corrosive Safety Labels which include self-adhesive, easy-to-peel backing for quick application.

Chemicals not only pose a risk to a company’s staff and visitors, but also the environment in which business operations unfold. If substances are not disposed of correctly or materials leak into the surrounding area, these places might be harmed or contaminated as well. Avoid such eventualities with adequate labelling, such as our Biohazard Symbol - Vinyl Safety Labels On-a-Roll or Warning Toxic Safety Labels which are manufactured to clearly indicate when a chemical product poses serious threats to the surrounding area.

Chemical Hazard Labels and Other Safety Equipment

When dealing with hazardous substances it is important that all aspects of their care are taken into account. Ensure items are stored correctly in cabinets or cupboards that are designed for holding flammable/corrosive/explosive goods.

Use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as chemical resistant gloves and goggles when handling chemicals and be sure you have adequate spill control items to deal with accidents safely.

Pay attention to manufacturer guidelines as a priority. These are the most reliable and important sources of information about the chemicals or products that your business relies upon. Incorporate this information into your health and safety policies and then use labels, chemical warning signs and other materials to keep people, property and places safe.