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Stretchwrap Films & Dispensers

Packaging and shipping is a core business process for the majority of modern enterprises, and stretchwrap films are an indispensable part of wrapping and securing valuable pallets and products. We have Stretchwrap Films and Dispensers that can form the foundation of your packing activities. Employees in warehouses and industrial buildings can use these products to protect and hide contents that will be shipped and transported to clients and customers across the globe. Whether you need clear or opaque film, we will have something suitable. Browse our catalogue and use our filter options to get the right product for your needs.

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Pallet Wrap and Dispensers: Buying Guide

We offer modern businesses a selection of the safest and most reliable packaging products available, and our assortment of Stretchwrap Films and Dispensers are no different. The Stretchwrap Film is excellent for all types of packing and wrapping. It is a highly stretchable material with an elasticity that keeps any items or products tightly bound after use. The thin protective layer will protect your valuable goods from being exposed to dirt and moisture, and can prevent damage and items from falling down from a pallet, all of which can be extremely costly for businesses. The transparent material also provides additional clarity to allow employees to see what is wrapped.

We also have a Black Cast Stretchwrap Film if you have sensitive and valuable goods that you want to keep from view. Confidential pallets are widely used in business, and this product will ensure that unauthorised personnel won’t be able to see what is packaged up in warehouses or during transit. All of our Stretchwrap Film products are supplied in packs of six rolls, and you can decide to purchase either clear or opaque variants when adding to your basket. Stretchwrap works well with our other packaging tools such as packing boxes and strapping tape.

For unbeatable value and a comprehensive wrapping solution, opt for the Hand Stretchwrap Kit with its long heavy-duty film reel and two-handle system with an L-shaped base. This kit makes it incredibly easy to stretch the wrap over any crates, pallets or products that you have in your warehouse, but it is equally adept in other general business situations where a robust packing solution is required. The Hand Stretchwrap Kit comes with six rolls of 17 Micron Film, so you will have everything that you need to get started. You can expect the tightest, smoothest fitting with this film.

If you already have stretchwrap film, then you can purchase the Hand Stretchwrap Tool as a standalone product. This tool can accommodate 40cm to 50cm wide rolls of film, and it uses a lightweight and robust handle for quick and effortless application. The Hand Stretchwrap Tool is specifically designed to make wrapping tools easy, and has a twist grip handle and unique braking system for class-leading tension control and minimum wastage. While alternatives can cost money in wasted film, this premium product will deliver high-quality and economical wrapping each and every time.

Wrapping is just one aspect of the packing, shipping and storage activities that occur every hour of every day in industrial environments. To make your processes as safe as possible, we offer a plethora of packaging tapes and tools, including packing tapes, safety cutters and blades if you need to cut through pallets that you receive from suppliers.