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Eye Protection Signs

Need help? Need help? Why eye protection signs are important? Protecting the eyes is extremely important as reversing damage they receive is almost impossible. Wherever appropriate, it is recommended that eye protection should be worn. To help you enforce the use of this equipment we have a range of Safety Signs that feature messages that leave no doubt as to the benefits of eye protection as well as the hazards of not using the provided safety equipment.

Our range of Eye Protection Signs help you to fully comply with health and safety law, which is a key issue for most organisations. The safety of staff and visitors is paramount and your primary aim should be to prevent an accident from occurring by making dangerous areas known. Our products are an effective way to give employees and visitors to your premises an important reminder to keep themselves safe.

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Safety Made Simple

Clear messages - It’s important that you choose Safety Signs that feature clear, concise language and easy to interpret images to convey crucial safety instructions in areas of risk. Products that have a simple message, such as our ‘Eye Protection Must Be Worn’ Signs, help to ensure that workers know that there is a danger to their health if they do not wear eye protection. These signs are available in a variety of materials and fixings, from self-adhesive vinyl to rigid plastic and are sold as both single units or as a great-value multipack.

You may need to be more specific about which Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is most suitable for a particular area. Sometimes Safety Goggles are the best option in some workplaces and again, a simple notice to convey this is the best option. A notice such as our ‘Wear Goggles’ Sign has highly visible text alongside the widely-recognised image of a head wearing safety goggles, so even if the words are not clear then the image will convey the message.

Sometimes, you might need to make more dramatic messages to reinforce the safe working practices and remind people that the eyes are actually delicate. Our ‘You Only Have One Pair Of Eyes! Protect Them’ Sign is a very clear reminder that those who do not wear the right eye protection are putting their sight in danger. Damage to the eyes will affect every aspect of daily life, so the more that can be done to prevent it the better.

Images speak louder than words - The Eye Protection Symbol Sign is ideal for if you prefer to have a sign that has just an image on it, without any words. The image of a head wearing eye protection is often enough to serve as a reminder to people when they should be taking extra precautions with their eyesight. This also removes the need for having signs in different languages

Define Areas of Danger

Though general PPE Signs are ideal for informing of the risks, it can be more effective to place signs around specific areas where the threat is the most likely. By choosing the right messages in the right areas, you can create zones where the need for eye protection cannot go unnoticed. Our range of signs and mounting options will allow you to set up prominent messages where they are needed most.

Our ‘Stop - Safety Glasses Required Beyond This Point’ Signs are bright red and impossible to ignore and are ideal for use at eye level near entrances. When combined with our large ‘Stop - Eye Protection Required Beyond This Point’ Anti-Slip Floor Signs you can be sure that your instructions are clear.

Similarly, our ’Wear Goggles When Operating This Machine’ Signs can be affixed directly at the point of use, helping to catch the attention of any workers who may not already be wearing correct protective equipment.

We even have signs that inform of more specific PPE than just Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles. When operating some equipment, more comprehensive eye and face protection is needed. The notice featured on our ‘Wear Visor’ Sign signifies to the worker that the equipment being used may have the potential to give off sparks or splinters of material and mandates that a suitable Face Shield is needed. The signs should be placed on and around that piece of equipment to make it clear that it should not be operated without the right PPE.

Materials and Fixings

All of our signs are made from high quality materials that meet the latest industry standards and health and safety regulations. We’re confident that we have the most commonly needed messages for most workplaces. However, if you require something more tailored to your needs then try out our custom sign service and design your own signs down to the very last detail including text, symbols and images.

Our wide range of Sign Fixings allow you to display your Safety Signs wherever they are needed. Whether for use indoors or outdoors, temporary or permanent or even for use on machinery, our fixings will ensure sure your signs will stay securely for years to come.