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Burns kits are essential for rapid first aid if employees burn or scald themselves in the workplace. Even in workplaces where fire is not a high risk, it’s a good idea to invest in burn treatments such as burns kits so that should anyone be injured in this way, he or she can be treated quickly and effectively before obtaining professional medical attention. Full attention must be given to the health and safety of workers, and a burns kit in the workplace can provide immediate help should anyone be burned.

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Selecting A Burns First Aid Kit

Burns Kits comprise everything you could possibly need to adequately treat a burn related injury in the workplace. They make a great addition to any workplace first aid kit and should be considered integral when kitting out workplace first aid rooms. Burns kits take the stress out of knowing what to do in the moment of crisis when someone has suffered a burn or been scalded by boiling water. Not only do they feature everything you might need for on the spot first aid, they also have clear, effective, easy to follow guidelines on what to do when someone has been injured in this way.

The BurnSoothe Burns Kit is available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your workplace needs. When items in the kit need to be replaced, we can supply a variety of BurnSoothe Burns Kit Refills you can order for replacements as and when required. In this way, you don’t have to replace an entire kit if you’ve only used one or a few items. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the use by dates for certain sterile items in the kit, as they will need to be replaced if past this date to remain fully effective.

The CoolTherm Professional Burns Kit is supplied in an attractive soft carry case, which is easy to store and transport. Despite its flexibility, it is highly durable and water resistant, as well as being insulated from sunlight and low temperatures, so that all the items inside are properly protected. This kit includes not only the soothing gels, dressings and protective bandages you would expect, but also protective gloves and shears in case clothing needs to be removed rapidly from the victim in order to apply burn relief. It also comes with a guidance card so that untrained personnel can properly attend to the injured party.

Even more comprehensive is the First Aid for Burns Equipment Bundle. This bundle package is designed to be used by a trained first aider, rather than a general worker and should therefore only be used in workplaces where trained first aiders are present. Nevertheless, it still comes with an A4 poster with clear, concise instructions on how best to use the equipment provided, as well as a First Aid sign that should be placed prominently so that all workers know where the first aid kit and burns kit are kept.

Don’t forget to take a look at our ‘How to Handle First Aid for Burns in 13 Easy Steps’ page so you can use your Burn Kit with confidence.


Do I need burns first aid kits?

Every employer needs to have appropriate first-aid arrangements for their workplace, according to the HSE’s guide for employers on first aid kits. Not all workplaces will require a first aid kit for burns and scalds, but they are important for worksites that do have a risk of burns at workplace occurring.

Regarding employer responsibilities for other kinds of burns and the need to maintain a chemical burn first aid kit, the HSE has a number of guidelines on health and hazardous materials in the workplace. It is important for employers to stay up to date with best practices and governmental guidelines for keeping workers safe, responding to accidents and mitigating health hazards in risky working environments.

Where should burns first aid kits be kept?

First aid kits for burns should be kept in an easily accessible location. It is important that employees know where the first aid kit burn treatment is kept and that they can access it quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. Seton offers a range of different first aid burn kits to suit various working conditions, including large burn kits, compact kits that can be hung on the wall, and small burns kits that can be stowed in a car.

Our Burns First Aid Kit in a Carry Bag is great for stowing in commercial vehicles or factory trollies as it is small and easy to pack away when space is limited. Seton also offers First Aid Mini Stations and Equipment Bundles for burn first aid kits, which are ideal for larger worksites as they also include signage so that employers can mark out where the kit is being kept.

What are the burns first aid kit contents?

The contents of burns kits vary according to size. However, all burn kits include an informative leaflet on how to treat a burn with first aid kit materials.

The first aid kit burn treatment contents include:

  • Burn gel for first aid kit treatment

  • Burns plasters

  • Burns dressing and bandages

  • Eye wash pods

  • Foil blankets

  • Microporous tape

  • Safety shears

When selecting a burns treatment first aid kit, it is important to consider the specific needs of your workplace, as different burns first aid kits have different supplies. It is also important to consider the size of the worksite and the scale of potential risk.

Seton’s BurnSoothe Burns Kits come in three different sizes, small, medium and large, which range in size from being suitable for personal use up to commercial use. For large workplaces or worksites that present a high level of burn risk, Seton also offers BurnSoothe Kit Refills which contain the burn first aid kit essentials.

As with all first aid kits, it is essential that a number of employees are properly trained in first aid response and know what to do in the event of an emergency situation.