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Need help? Need help? Why is preventing tampering important for safety? Ensuring that goods remain untampered with while in storage or transportation is essential for good security management. However, it is necessary not only to ensure that the goods have not been interfered with but also to prove it. Security seals are an effective way of demonstrating that items such as cash bags, drums and bins have not been opened or contaminated.

As well as inspiring greater confidence in your business, proving that goods are untampered may also be a requirement under health and safety legislation. The security seals in our product range are a simple but effective method of proving that you have complied with the law.

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In ideal circumstances, goods would always remain free from any tampering or interference, but unfortunately, this is not the case. The use of security seals to demonstrate that a wide variety of products have not been tampered with is a simple way for you to demonstrate that goods will remain in a state that you or your customers expect. Use the security seals in Seton’s product range to protect your goods, proving to customers, colleagues and quality control alike that security is a paramount concern, and that your products are safe from interference.

There are a variety of different options in our collection of security seals at Seton. We understand that as all businesses and products are unique, a wide variety of options are needed so that you can select the security seals that are best suited to your products. All of our seals are made of strong materials, including polypropylene. These are not easily damaged by accident, so your products can retain the proof that they are tamper-free until the seal is deliberately removed.

The seals are provided in packs of varying numbers, allowing you to choose the amount you need at any given time, making sure that you always have a good supply ready. How easily you want the seal to be broken will depend on the products involved and at what point they are opened. Our range includes security seals that can be torn by hand as well as more secure versions, which will require the use of bolt cutters to remove.

Some of our seals are designed with a specific purpose in mind, such as our extinguisher seals, which will prevent the careless or accidental use of fire extinguishers, while being easily broken so that an extinguisher can be used in the event of an emergency.

Often, it is necessary to track the progress and security of goods. To aid this, we have a customisable security seal that can be personalised with a serial number, allowing the progress of the product or container it is used on to be easily monitored.

Maintaining the security of your goods is required under current EU and UK health and safety legislation. There are a number of laws governing this, including additional laws required by HM Customs and Excise. Negotiating the vast number of health and safety laws can often seem tricky, but the security equipment available at Seton is designed to make the security of your property, assets and goods much easier. As a major retailer of health and safety products, Seton lets you shop with confidence, knowing that our products have been tested to ensure that they comply with the necessary guidelines. We are also always happy to provide any additional advice or information that you would find useful.

Making sure that goods have not been tampered with is essential for businesses in today’s world, but the use of security seals will make sure that everyone can be confident that your products remain uncontaminated.