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Protective Envelopes

Making sure that every product sent arrives safely is the cornerstone of any successful business. Protective Envelopes will ensure that all items can be packaged up and sent off quickly at a low cost and remain secured during transit. We have various envelopes that can be tailored to your shipping and distribution requirements, including bubble bags and thin plastic sacks. These simple, lightweight solutions are perfect for all your shipping needs and can be purchased in different sizes and in high quantities for a bespoke, long-lasting mailing solution. Browse our range of protective envelopes to find your perfect packing products.

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Plastic and Padded Envelopes: Buying Guide

Our protective envelopes are a cost-effective solution for any enterprise that needs to send goods and products quickly and securely to customers and clients. The Blue Plastic Mailing Sacks are particularly useful for web-based and mail order businesses, but they are equally practical for any modern enterprise requiring low-cost products for dispatching bulk order items. The tough polythene, opaque mailing pouch can secure numerous items, including soft goods, garments, boxed products and much more, while the permanent seal adhesive strip will keep everything secure and in place during transportation. The sacks are supplied in a pack of 500 as standard and are available in a range of different sizes to suit your exact needs.

If you require more protection for items, then our Clear Protective Bubble Bags will be suitable. These bags have a cushioned and smooth inner surface to add an additional layer of protection when storing and transporting items. The transparent material also makes it easy for employees to identify what is stored within the bags, while the peel and seal lip is both simple to use and adds extra security as any tampering will leave a mark on the material. This low-cost solution is a protective and flexible way to secure any of the important products in your workplace and package smaller items before shipping. Available in several sizes, the bags can be used with our tags and ties and packing labels for easy cataloguing in busy workspaces.

For a bubble-lined product focused more on shipping contents, the White Padded Postal Bags are ideal. This bag is lightweight, and it is easy to slip items such as jewellery, entertainment products and any other smaller items within its lined compartment, seal and post. The robust 90gsm laminated kraft material means that they are unlikely to be punctured, so you can be sure that your products will reach their destination in a safe and secure manner. The standard quantity of 100 bags reduces the costs of postage and makes it one of the most cost-effective solutions for e-commerce enterprises.

We also have Protective Envelopes for use on site with record cards and tags. These durable, transparent vinyl envelopes can be used to label products and hold important small personal items such as security cards or information about machine operation. The overlapping flap at the front protects any items when they are fixed on machinery, controls, fire extinguishers and any other heavy-duty items in industrial and manufacturing environments. These envelopes are also available in different sizes, so select the one that is right for you.

Whether you need packing tapes, stencils, poly bags or strapping tape and dispensers, just browse our site to find what you are looking for.