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Safety Glasses

Health and safety is an issue all businesses need to deal with and, for some companies, safety glasses will be an essential purchase. These are a good way to protect eyes against flying particles in areas such as workshops, factories and garages. We offer a great range of safety spectacles, and our guide should help you choose the products you need for your workplace.

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Choosing Safety Eyewear

With such a wide range of safety glasses in our great selection, we understand you may have difficulty making your choice. There are several factors you should consider when buying safety glasses so you can choose the ones best suited to what your business does.

Frame Type

The safety glasses in our range vary significantly in terms of frame design. Choosing full frames means they look more like the glasses people wear day to day, and this may look smarter for front of house work, enabling employees to dart between the office and the workshop without needing to change.

The less frame there is, though, the greater the all-round visibility, which can increase safety in some situations and improve the efficiency with which your employees are able to do their jobs. They can also be more aerodynamic, which is useful if moving at speed and can also make them more comfortable in high winds.

Protection Areas

Some of the safety glasses we stock are open at the edges while others such as JSP® M9100 Spectacles offer extra protection at the sides, along the top or round the nose. In some cases, this protection is detachable. You will need to think about the specific issues faced by your employees to determine what type of protection is appropriate.

UV Filters

These safety glasses also have varying kinds of filters suited to working under different conditions. At the most basic level, they use different tints. Darker glasses can be very helpful to employees working outside in bright weather or dealing with high glare from machinery they are working with. Polarised glasses are useful for improving clarity of vision in bright daylight, making them a good choice for employees who do a lot of driving. Driving glasses should be polarised or use yellow-tinted lenses, increasing contrast perception.

Some of the safety glasses we stock such as Bolle® Universal™ Glasses have anti-fog lenses, which can be very helpful when working in unusually hot, cold or damp conditions. Some offer UV protection to varying degrees, which not only reduces the risk of long-term health problems but also helps to keep eyes sharp over the course of the working day.

Some have surfaces that keep them free of dirt and dust, and others are scratch-resistant so they do not become fuzzy as they get older, even if they are repeatedly impacted by small particles produced in the working environment. Others have straps to secure them around the back of the head so they always stay in position and can even be used when working at height.

We think you will be able to find exactly what you need in this selection, but if you would like a wider choice of eye protection you may also want to consider our range of safety goggles. Also, safety glasses can be easily worn with bump caps which can provide head protection as well as eye protection.

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