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Safety Lines & Limiters

Whenever your employees are working in precarious positions or on jobs where suspension is required, you are going to need safety lines and limiters. Here at Seton, you can find a selection of such equipment in one convenient place.

As always, we stock items of the highest quality which are designed to meet current health and safety standards, provided they are properly used in accordance with the instructions and replaced when they reach their specified expiry date.
Have a look out our informative guide to safety lines and limiters.

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Guide To Buying Safety Limiters

The safety lines and limiters we stock are designed to be used in a range of situations, so you will need to work out which is the best option for the work your business does. They all use standard attachment points, so you will have no difficulty connecting them to other fall protection equipment, such as safety harnesses and lanyards.

How A Limiter Helps Prevent Injuries

Using high-quality limiters is a vital element of fall protection, though it is often poorly understood by those who do not use it directly. When a fall occurs, obviously it is not the motion itself that does the damage, but the impact of stopping, and this means that a sudden stop in a harness can shock the body as much as hitting the ground. However, if the harness is properly fitted, it will spread the impact in a less damaging way.

A limiter or fall arrest block works around this by slowing the falling person to a stop rather than stopping the fall instantly. This means that stopping distances vary and you should consider this when purchasing. Bear in mind that someone who has been significantly slowed down will still experience a reduced impact.

Securing Equipment

Safety lines and limiters can be used not just for securing employees themselves, but also for securing equipment or materials that need to be moved up or down. Where this is the case, it is important to pay close attention to the weight limits on each piece of fall protection equipment. Although all the items we stock can easily support the weight of the average worker plus basic tools, other items can weigh considerably more. The last thing you need is items falling and being damaged or injuring people below.

Some of the equipment in our selection is designed for working in holes as well as at heights, and can be adapted to a wide range of situations. We sell tripods and rigs designed to let your workers descend into holes under controlled conditions, and these can also be used for lowering materials and gear provided weight tolerances are correctly observed.


Alongside the safety lines and limiters in this selection, you will also find the connectors you need for securely attaching them to mount points. Sturdily made and resistant to corrosion even in harsh weather, these connectors mean you can be confident there will be no weak link in a properly assembled rig.

If you already have the harness kits you need for basic work, the items in this selection will allow you to supplement that set-up as needed, expanding your working options. Take a look and you should have no difficulty in finding the gear you need to get the job done safely - and well.