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Need help? Need help? Can I buy custom shipping tape? Businesses, whether large or small, often underestimate the importance of high-quality packing tape. It ensures that any goods that are sent to clients and customers arrive unopened and in the very best condition. As there is not a one-size/material-fits-all option for taping up boxes, we offer a substantial selection of different packing tapes for your needs. These tapes can be used with the safety cutters and blades that we offer for quick cutting and application. The right packaging requires the right tape, to that end we have enabled you to select and even customise tape to your requirements.

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Shipping Tape and Label Dispensers: Buying Guide

We can supply branded packing tapes when you opt for the Custom Printed Tapes, which can be tailored to your requirements by size, text colour and wording. The polypropylene tape is robust and will seal up any goods and items in boxes ready for despatch. Packing is now a core aspect of marketing for modern enterprises, so make sure that you deliver an excellent customer experience with branded tape. You can also add graphics to the tape for a unique look and feel.

We also offer the Customised Packaging Tapes to allow you to design your own practical and eye-catching self-adhesive vinyl tape rolls. You can select the background, text colours and typeface, and you can even supply a corporate logo electronically for us to add on free of charge. Promote your company name and address with every parcel you despatch. It can really make a difference in terms of making a lasting impression on a customer or client, and it will give your distribution channels a more professional look when used alongside our range of tags and ties.

For standard packing tapes, there are numerous options, including the Vinyl Tapes with high-tack adhesive and the Double Sided Packaging Tapes for securing labels, signs, memos, posters and boxes. Industry-tailored tapes are also available. The Masking Tape is versatile and can be used in departments where technical drawings of components and products are made, to mark boxes in schools, in manufacturing, and for general packaging needs in warehouses.

Construction organisations will find the Crossweave Glass Tapes useful as the extra-strong glass fibre-reinforced tape is designed for heavy-duty packaging and banding of items and goods. You can also protect against elements such as water and electricity with the Polypropylene Tapes, which are also very useful in extreme cold conditions. Also the Heavy-Duty Kraft Paper Tape is an ideal multipurpose tape for sealing cartons and other packages.

Applying tape quickly will streamline your packing processes, so make sure to select the very best dispenser for your tapes. The Packing Tape Dispenser Kits are supplied with either 12 or 36 rolls of tape and feature a premium dispenser with retractable blade and brake so that employees can seal packages in a simple and intuitive manner. For a sturdier table-top dispensing solution, try the Bench Dispenser for QA Label Tape with clamp, which is designed to dispense quality control labels for goods but can be used with any compatible roll of tape. The Premium Tape Dispenser is best for applying tape quickly by hand with its ergonomic pistol grip, adjustable unwind speeds and sharp cutting blade.

Our extensive Packing Tapes range is rounded out by a huge selection of quality control labels. Marking goods with clear and visible instructions is central to the smooth running of packaging and distribution departments. Our labels cover an extensive amount of messages that convey in a clear and concise manner the level of caution, or security that should be taken when handling the packaging or boxes that they have been used on. Show your commitment to quality with these pre-printed, high-grade tapes made from polypropylene. Each are sent in rolls with 200 to 500 legends depending on the type you choose to buy.

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